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on: October 19, 2018, 08:55:08 AM
Name: Nastya
City: Kopeysk, Russia

Hello *****! Thanks for nice pictures! I very like it)
I'm glad that you responded to my letter.
I was really pleased to get the letter from you.
How are you?

Today I wanted to install Skype on the computer at work. So we could communicate with you.
But my boss saw that and gave me warning. He said that if he see me again
that I am sitting in the Internet in working hours, he will give me pronunciation.
It's a sad, that Skype will not be available. I do not want the problems with the boss.
But I am sure that there is a no problem with correspondence with us.
I can always find time to answer you.

Ethan, you probably have this question: "Why do I write to you
from another country ". I looked TV and saw that there are not many
men in other countries are lazy and abusive. Where the marriage is
very serious step in the life. I did not know if you'll want to write
me because of the distance between our countries. But I liked you a
lot. I want explore you. I hope that you will understand me. I have
met some men in my city, but all of these have deceived me or hurt me.
There are a lot of men in Russia who terribly behave to women. I am
writing to you because I hope you are differently raised, and not like
men in Russia.

For me this mutual understanding and relations are important to each other.
Right now it is seldom, who understands and appreciate these qualities of man,
and for me this is important.
Because I do not to play love. The romance is for the youth. These are
more about teenagers. I don’t want spent a lot of time to
correspondence. I need the reality and the sincerity in the
relationships. Of course, it is early to decide that is waiting for us
in the future. It is not decide in the letters, I think so. All will
be clear when we will be closer to each other. I hope you understood
me that I need decent and honest man. The man I can love. The man who
will love me with whole heart. I hope you are that man. Or am I wrong?

I promised to tell you more about me and about Kopeysk where I live.
The city of Kopeysk, located in 1500 km from Moscow. In Chelyabinsk
Oblast. You know Moscow, right? I think, that now you can search
without any problems on the map this place. This very beautiful place,
especially in summer and the winter. Here the very beautiful nature.
In a previous letter, I told you that I work in an insurance company.
I received a good education. I graduated a regular High school, and
then graduated with great grades from the Law faculty. But now I've
understood that career not give me the happiness. The career became a
reason for which I did not find a man so far, there are no children. I
have decided, to change my life because the family is more important.
I believe that I made a right decision ...
Where did you study? And where you work now?
I’m really interesting to know you better. So write me.
I'll wait. You can ask any questions.
I have no trouble answering.
OK? Yours Nastya

p.s. I'm attached some pictures for you :)
First   picture   was   shot   in  my  girlfriend  apartment  in  city
Ekaterinburg. It's not so far away from Kopeysk. Sometimes I visit
her, we were a good friends while studying in University.

On the second picture I'm with dog of my close friend :)

Hello ******!
I got your nice letter and nice picture.
How are you?
I have already begun to get bored without your letters.

As for me I visited my parents. My mother got a cold, she had
to get her medicaments. Now all is well, I think that by two days she
will be already healthy. The main thing, in time to ask for the
doctor, then always you heal well ;)

We with the mother have no secrets from each other. That's why I told my mother about you.
I hope you don’t against this? Honestly saying my mom notice that my behavior is
changed from our last meeting. I became more cheerful. Mother was glad
that I feel that way. She has only a little frightened that you live
for thousands kilometers from me. She worried about how you feel to me
seriously or not, because of the distance between our countries. I
told her that you the sincere and decent man. That's why I want you to
know that I am not afraid of the distance between us. We can overcome
this distance for some hours by the plane. I hope that you understand
it. Therefore, I do not think its problem for us, if we really want
the solid relationships. I will repeat that I want firm relations,
because only such relationships are necessary to me. I hope what you
will agree with me??? I want, that you are be honest with me. If you
have something, in me that you don’t like, it is better to say it now,
at the beginning of our acquaintance. I do not want us to get secrets
from each other.

I want to tell more about my family. I hope, that it
will be interesting for you ... I told you earlier that I am the only
child in the family. I don’t have brothers and the sisters. I live
apart from my parents. I try to visit them almost every weekend and
free time from the work. I grew up in very cultural and educated
family. My mother worked as teacher at college, and the father still
works in the production of the furniture. Now my mother is pensioner
and almost all the time at home. From childhood my mother tries to
make me the decent human and right now I am very grateful to her. When
I was kid I was constantly coming to her classes and sat on the last
desk. I liked the way my mother did the lessons. The name of my mother
is Maria. The mother taught me in everything that she knows. The
parents taught me to respect the goodness and honesty in people. I’m
also love the cleanliness and the comfort in the house. I’m good in
preparing the food. What about your family?

I ask you to answer my questions.
You can ask questions and I will also tell you everything
about myself. What are you want to know?
I'll  send  you  my  photos  ;)  On  the  photos  it's  not  my  horse
unfortunately,  it  is  the  horse  of  my  family  friend in grandmom
village. I love horses and animals)
On another photo it's me when I baked a pie)
And last one, I'm sitting in cafe..)
I hope I'll get your letter and the photos soon.
Will you send me photos?
I'll wait.
With respect Nastya

Hello ******!
Thank you for your nice letter.
And thanks for the photos! What a trees!
Where is it?

It is big pleasure for me to continue communication with you..

I love that faith is very important for you, because
for me too..! I visit Russian Orthodox Church.

Also thank for telling me about your family and
story of your life,
This is very interesting for me.
You are great people that you were adopted a little baby
from Russia.

Today I had a long day. All day I spent in a hurry. Perhaps that is why i am very tired ...
The fact is that we have a big load right now. Autumn has always been the
busiest time for us.
But when I started to write a letter for you, I'm feeling a much better.

It’s a pity that I have no way to give you my
mobile number. Of course, I have a mobile phone at the present.
But it is my work phone, which paid by company and it works only with Russia.
Even if you will call me, it will not be possible.
I  never  thought  before  that I will need to call someone or receive
calls from abroad :)
But if possibility to call you will appear, I'll call you right away. That's
why I ask you to give me your telephone number. I hope for your

How do you like to rest and recover? I love the nature
and the summer very much. I love to rest with my girlfriends on the
nature. In the summer we go to the beach sometimes. There we are
swimming and tanning. Today the girlfriends invited me to the cinema.
But after such a hard day I don’t have the mood to going anywhere.
Although I love the movies very much. Do you love movies? What genre?
And do you like to go to the theater? Maybe you love to dance? I like
to dance. I love to watch movies. I love the romantic comedies. I
think, the day will come when we can go to the cinema, to see the good
romantic film)

Forgive me if I not always answer all your questions.
Do not think I have them ignore or I do not understand. Language for
me it is not the problem. Just sometimes I can be short in time on my
work or I can miss something. But I’m always tried to answer all your
questions. If I miss something important for you, just write me, OK?
I don’t know when you will get my letter.
But I will hope that my letters to you always brings to you
the good mood! Tomorrow, I will find out it :)

p.s.  I'm  attached  my  photo  when i was in  city  Vladimir, it is Russian old

Yours Nastya

Hello ******!!!
I am glad to receive your nice letter.
My airport located in city Chelyabinsk
which is 25 km from me, as I remember.
So there is not any problems with that.
They have couple flights to Moscow every single day.

I'm very sorry that you are on the black list.
I do not know how it works, but you do not need
to explain. I'm very sorry for that.

I visit Church, but not often, because God not always in
the Church, he is inside on everyone.
I believe in God and higher power.
Yes I'm Christian.

My parents will be sad if I will leave them, but in the
same time they will be very happy if I will be happy
with loving man. They want this very much and will
let me go, without any problem.

I understand well that the question of age can worry you. It does not bother me.
Age is not important to me.
For me mutual understanding and relations are important.
There are not many people, who understands and appreciate these qualities of man,
and for me this is important.

How are you?

I hope it is all good. I have a simple working day. I'm not tired.
Yesterday, I’m decided to walk after meeting my parents to home and
when I went through the central park in our city. I saw many people
there walking and holding each other for hands. You know, right now
I’m understand that it is so little necessary for happiness! Just that
the beloved man was always near you. And now I’m understand what is
necessary to me.... I love to see happy people, because my mood also
rises. Maybe it is not the serious dream for my age ... But, for me it
is very important that I want my dream become real. It will mean a lot
for me and I believe that all will be happen. Do you have any dreams?

I will tell you why I could not find the man for the marriage. The
main reason is the work that takes a lot of time. But I cannot say
that I was disadvantaged by men's attention. I had meeting with the
men, but all this was not serious. These men feared for serious
relations, or simply were not ready for this. Also, many men have the
bad habits, like drinking a lot of alcohol. I want that my man was
happy and cheer up not only because of alcohol. Serious relationships
with such a man can never be good. But I’m not against when the man
drinks. But there should be not a lot. And I will try to
make everything to make my man happy and cheer up without alcohol. I
will always kissing him and hugging. I want to make him happy. I want
to enjoy that we love each other every day, enjoy our passion and

Today to my work came my aunt Katya. It is the sister of
my mother. Soon there will be birthday of my mother and we need to
think about our gift. We have decided to give my mother the beautiful
bouquet of tulips. The mother love these flowers. I like the tulips
as well. You can remember this :) I still want to make the cake. The
aunt knows that I love to prepare delicious food. But since I have a
lot of work, it is rare when I cook something like this at home.
I love the home cook. My friends say, that I have a talent to prepare
the tasty food. And what kind of food do you like? Do you love the home
cook? For you it is is better to eat in the house or the cafe? I
think, that it is better to eat in the house because it is very useful
and it is much more cheaper in the financial plan. Do you agree???
My mother taught me to cook; I know a lot different recipes, possible
that I'll show you them anyway :) :) :) Tell me about your food
preferences? I will make something for you at our first meeting. I
think I will able to make what you wish. What do you like from the
food? It is very interesting for me :)

I'm attached a couple photos with letter, i hope you will like it)
The first one is me lying in the bed, hihi)
My  close  friend took a photo when I was in her home in Ekaterinburg,
it is close city to Kopeysk, I'm already told you that.
The   second   it   is   me   on  the  scooter in my grandma village ;)
Do not worry, I drove this very safely and slow :)

I will wait for your letter and photos tomorrow
Yours Nastya

Hello ******!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter.
My last relationships was almost 4 years ago..
After that i did not met somebody.
I feel a little bit lonely right now,
I just want to be with man who will love me with whole heart..

My relatives and parents wish me luck in what I'm doing.
They want to see me happy too..!

How are you? How is your day?

I thought about you all day. For me it is pleasant
that you trying to answer all my questions and carefully reading my
letters. I see that I am interesting for you. I'm glad we found each
other. Our acquaintance with you the pleasure for me. You are
interesting and sociable man. You write me the remarkable letters!
I will hope that our relation does not stop only on the correspondence.
This is my opinion and I want to be sincerely with you.

Now I am sitting on the computer at my work and I’m writing this letter because
I thought about you. I mean thinking about us! I am glad that among millions
of people in the Internet, we could find each other. It seems to me
that it is destiny. I cannot call it otherwise! Now when I wake up in
the morning, my head is busy with the thoughts about you! When I go to
sleep, my head is only about you. It feels like you back me into reality.
Now with me the thoughts about you. This happiness for me.
I’m always thinking that everything all right with you or not.
How you spent your day. What you are doing.
The correspondence with you is the great pleasure for me. It is very
pleasant when the man understands my feelings. So I'm not afraid to
trust you about my feelings. I don’t know why, but I trust you.
I don’t have such feelings to the man for a long time. But you deserve
my trust. I am convinced that the trust, the main thing for the solid
and happy marriage. I do not want us to have secrets from each other!
Do you agree? We are looking for serious relationships which can bring
us to marriage afterwards! What’s why we should be very sincere and
honest! We should trust each other!

I think a lot about how our meeting will take place after the virtual acquaintance,
because it is my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet. I can so far do
not imagine our first meeting, but I am not afraid of this. Do you
afraid our first meeting? You already thought about it? It's interesting to me...

I will wait for your answer tomorrow.

Your sincere Nastya

Hello ******!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your nice letter.
Yes I visit church on Sunday.
I go there with my parents.
It is always great to do that..

I believe in God and that he creates us and this world.
This is what I believe. Also that we need never harm
any other people and be calm and understandable.
Help each other.
My believe is strong.

How are you?
I hope your day has gone well...

You got to know that correspondence with you becoming really important.
I do not know, but sometimes it turns out that you can understand me better
than my girlfriends. I feel that I can say to you important things
and you will understand me. Thank you for that, I feel that you also treat seriously to me.

Yesterday I was on my mother birthday. I told you earlier that we were
preparing for this day. When I helped the mother get the food for the
festive table, she always asked me about how our correspondence is
going. What we gonna do with our relationships. She asked me that we
are friends by correspondence or we have something more serious.
And if we are have serious relations then when we are going to plan our meeting.
I told her that we're serious and if we will have chance for the meeting,
we will definitely take advantage of it. She wants to hope that
everything is serious. I think she likes you) She has been dreaming
long about seeing me in the wedding dress.

My acquaintances and parents tell that I’m change in recent time.
They are astonished by my happiness.
I want to thank you for being close to me recent time.
It makes me happy. Thank you. When I read your sincere letters, I have
the great mood throughout the all day. I just want to dream of we are
being together. I want you to know that I am not looking for the rich
man like many women does! I am not interested in wealth and expensive
The main thing for me in my future man that he can be able bring everything
necessary for the family! And I think that other things supposed
to make the woman. She need to preparing delicious food, clean
clothes, clean the house. But many women do not want to make it.
They prefer to have a servant. But preparing the food for the family, is it
bad? Trying to make a house clean, is it bad? To make the delicious
breakfast in the morning and the evening! This real family happiness!
And I want it! Of course, I understand that ours relations only the
virtual. But I think we are really close to serious relationships. It
is just the next stage of our relationships. The distance between us
is not the problem. I do not see this distance between us.

I am waiting.... With the impatience I wait for your answer tomorrow.

I  send a photo with my girlfriend) and a photo where I was small,
I'm on the right side by the way)
Also a few days ago I was at my girlfriend’s house, where she make the video
with her dogs) I love dogs, but I have not my own dog ..)

Sincerely yours Nastya

Hello ******!!!!
Thank you for your wonderful letter.
You thoughts are very wonderful..!
Your believe and faith is strong,
Of course I like that and Respect.

I hope you will not become monk, because I want
meet you and try to build something wonderful
together with you..!

How your day goes? What did you do? When you wake up?

I would give a lot to wake up in your hugs today.
I want to look into your eyes. I want to wake up from your kiss.
What is going to be like our first kiss? What do you think? I think it
will be very sweet and passionate kiss. I would feel your love and
tenderness. I want to try this kiss right now. I am convinced that it
is will be unforgettable. I do not know why, but after I met you
I feel very good. I have a lot of energy. The constant desire to do something.
I am just happy…

All day I thought about our last conversation with my mother.
Maybe she right in some parts. I mean our relationships.
I think maybe my mother and other people, seeing our
relationships like easy flirtation. But I think it is not like that.
We understand that. Do you agree? And I will prove it to them. I hope
you are understood that we cannot write each other forever. I think
soon will come moment when we will be know everything about each other
by letters. But still does not see each other. And only the meeting
face to face will remain. Do you agree with me? What do you think of it?
How it’s gonna happen? What we will do? I want to know your
opinion very much. I think about it all the time.

I asked you this because I bring the happy news for you.
It is simply the gift of destiny for my birthday.
I cannot call it different. In 3-4 weeks I will have the month of vacation.
I've been thinking that it will be the best time for our meeting.
Right now it is only chance to meet you.
You know that I have hard work plan. Fate gives us this chance,
so we got to take this opportunity. I hope you get the vacation too
in this period, and it will be great for not disturbing our meetings!
But if you will busy, I can meet you after your business in the evening
with the prepared dinner for you. What do you think about it? I want
just to be near you and touch you. I think that this month will show
a lot more that we would have for several month of correspondence.
It will be our first meeting. And it is very important! We can understand
the reality of our feelings. We will decide that we are going to be
together like a happy family!!! And I will not return home.
Or I will have to return home. I want very much to be happy together.
That is why I will very happy for our continuation after meeting.
I am waiting for your answer very much!
I hope you will be agree with my suggestions!
I cannot otherwise. I want to feel you and touch you.
For me it is the most terrible torture, knowing that you are with me.
But in the same time far away from me. You are really great person;
I have very enjoyable conversation with you. You became the man who brings
joy to me every day. And it's only because I get your letters!
Can you imagine if we would together right now?

I want you to think about that very well...
I want to be with you!!!!

Your loving and tender Nastya

Dear ******..!
Thanks for your sweet letter..!
You are very special man.

It was really nice to read your news and lines..

Thanks for everything dear..

Dear yes I'm happy to meet you of course, but
I want to be realist too, I will be straightforward.
The meeting for us is very hard.
All documents and all prices for everything.
This is hard to gather all this money for me.
Also because I'm unmarried woman, it will be minus for
me to receive VISA.

And I can not and will not ask money from you.
I know the great rule of internet which I heard on TV.
Do not send money in the internet.
Somehow I'm agree with that.
I'm really agree with that and I will not let you to do that.
We did not know each other really well that
you will help me with money.
This is just not right. Just not right.

I think the only possible meeting for us, is meet somewhere
where I can reach without high cost.
Maybe in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg.
Maybe you even will be able to come to Kopeysk.
Who knows. Of course meeting in Chelyabinsk or Kopeysk will
be the best, or Yekaterinburg.
This is safe place. Russians love foreigners.
The World Cup which took place in Russia proofed Russia is safe
for foreigners and that Russians always welcome to anyone.
I think you will like this.

I'm just saying that my arrival to you is highly unlikely.
I'm sorry if upset you,
If you will want to stop our connection, I will understand and
will not disturb you.

I will wait for your letter.

Yours Nastya

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