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Ekaterina <>
« on: June 26, 2019, 09:56:07 AM »
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 34
City: Tula, Russia

Hello ******! I am very glad and very excited to see your letter. You give to
me a smile. I'm sorry that I could not immediately write you the
answer. I want to tell you about myself. My name is Ekaterina, I am
34 years old, I live in Russia in the city which named is Tula. I work
the bookkeeper in a a small private firm. I am engaged in documents of
this firm. To be pleasant to me my work. I never was married and not
to have children. I wish to tell to you about my the former relations.
My the former man drank alcohol much, did not respect me and could
offend, strike. I have left from these relations. Now I already in a
current of 3 years one. I to be tired I to is lonely also I want the
man for serious relations where there will be an honesty, trust and
love. I do not love a deceit and lie. In relations the man and the
woman never should deceive and always to be fair. If honesty is
present with most has begun relations that it will construct trust
between the woman and the man and strong relations on all life.
I am ready to learn you better, to become friends and is possible it
is more. I hope you it is ready to fair, mutual relations? We can
continue our dialogue, to be friends and to try our relations. I am
looking for a man who desires to live for living and love for love I
believe that those find the treasure who seek for it. I want him to be
strong, caring and attentive. I want to feel that strong shoulder I
may lean on. I wish to feel me as a real woman beside him and be sure
he can defend me. I do not believe in divorce because family is
something sacred for me. I search a man who will consider me as usual
female, as the wife. My man has to respect a woman, take care about
her and understand that she was created especially for him. I am
looking for my special man in this beautiful life! I shall be glad to
answer your questions, please write to me about myself more if you are
interested in the further dialogue with me. I with impatience shall
wait for your following letter. I send you my photos from a place of
work and also a photo of summer. I hope it will be pleasant to you and
I will receive also your photos in the answer. Sincerely yours new
girlfriend Ekaterina