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Jaana Ahonen <>
« on: June 25, 2019, 05:24:43 AM »
Name: Jaanna
Age: 32
City: Rakvere, Estonia

To begin with, I want to say that I was very glad to see your letter. Thank you. I saw your letter
and now I write to you right away. If you want to continue to correspond with me, then I certainly do not mind and even am glad about it. I always liked new acquaintances.
I'm not very good at this kind of acquaintance through letters, and to be honest, I do not now know what to write to you in this letter.
I  can  write  about myself, but what exactly to write? What would you
like to know about me? Well, as you already know, my name is Jaana. I am 32 years old.
I live in Estonia, the city of Rakvere.
I'm not married, I do not have children, and at the moment I'm not even in a relationship. Generally speaking, I am a single woman who is still looking for her other half.
I love sports, I love cooking and of course I love my job. Almost all my time I give to work and probably therefore I'm still not married.
If you are interested in learning about my work, I will write to you about this in my next letter.
Favorite season of the year, it's certainly summer. I love beaches, I love the sea and the bright sun.
I like to travel and in my 32 years, I already traveled almost all of Europe and even was in America. Was in Paris, London, Riga, Berlin, Washington and in many other cities.
I travel almost every 2 months and basically work.
I love pets. But unfortunately now I can not afford to have pets because of my work.
Now I do not know what else to write, I think that for the first time is enough. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.
I will wait for your reply letter.

Hello my friend!
In my last letter I wrote to you that in the next letter I will write about my work. But before I write you about work, I would like to confess something.
that i live in Estonia the city of Rakvere. Yes, it is now my city, but I was not born here. By nationality I am Latvian and was born in Latvia. My parents and I used to live in the city of Riga. This is a very beautiful and quite large city.
About 5 years ago, my parents died and I was left completely alone. I have no brother, no sister, and even my uncle died last year. In general, I am now completely alone and I do not even have relatives.
After the death of my parents, I lived for one and a half years alone in my hometown of Riga and then I did not have the strength to live there. Permanent memories of my parents torment me and so I decided to move. First i
Of course, I did not know where to go, but then one day I found an ad on the Internet about working in Estonia. Of course, I immediately decided to call there and I had a chance to start a new life. I immediately
moved to Estonia and now more than a year living in Rakvere. At first it was very hard here. I did not have an apartment or familiar people, but I worked a lot and gradually found my place here. Now I live in my own home and now I have a new life. I sell the house that we had in Latvia and now I have my own house. Here is my story. On the one hand, it is very sad because of the death of my parents, but on the other hand, it was the death of my parents that made me an adult. Of course I really miss them. I miss them every day. But no matter how hard I try, life is not eternal. People always die and we only need to believe that people close to us are now in a better world. Personally, I try to believe in it and it makes me much easier from these thoughts.
Well, I feel that I have already written to you about something else. Excuse me. I didn’t want to raise a sad topic, it somehow happened. I would like to write you about my work and therefore I will probably continue my letter with a story about
his work. I am a free sales representative who works only on orders. I participate in auctions, in tenders and represent products of companies that hire me to sell their goods. Mostly they hire me
small companies that do not have their own sales representatives, but sometimes large companies also seek help. I participate in auctions and enter into contracts with customers for the sale of goods.
My salary depends on the number of contracts that I conclude for the month. Maybe it would not be cultural on my part, but I would like to report my salary. I get an average of 4000-5500 euro a month.
About the phone conversation or chat with you. I know that you would like to talk with me on the phone right now or would like to chat with me, but unfortunately I must now refuse you all this. Please forgive me, but I think that for us now it would be better to get to know each other through letters. At least the first weeks, then I promise you to write you my cell phone number. I ask you to understand me.
Firstly, it would not be cultural to give a phone number to a stranger, and secondly, I now want to recognize you through letters. I think that through letters one can get to know a person much better and even one can understand his inner world. That is why I want to communicate with you now only through letters. I hope you understand me and will not be angry with me.
So, I stop now. I can only wait for your answer and I
I hope you will answer me soon. With great impatience, I look forward to your next reply.
Sincerely, Jaana.

Hey. How are you doing? I'm glad that I'm writing you a letter again. Believe me, it's very interesting for me to write to you about myself. When I write to you, I again experience my life, I remember about my past and I think what is happening at the present moment and what awaits me in the future. It's really cool. My past letter about myself was not very happy for you. Excuse me. I wrote to you about the death of my parents and to be honest, I also had a little hard to write about it. But I wanted to tell you about the beginning of my new life and could not help saying this. Do not worry about me, my parents died more than 5 years ago and I myself have reconciled to it. So everything is fine with me.
So, our acquaintance goes on and I probably should continue my story about myself. In the past, I wrote a lot to you about my work, about my new life, but about my interests, about what I love and do not like, about my hobby, I did not write anything to you. So I will continue my begun story about this.
It may seem strange, but my hobby is karaoke. Even my girlfriends sometimes laugh at me because of this hobby, but what can I do if I love to sing. I believe that I have a beautiful voice. I like music from my childhood and I often listen to music in my free time and of course the genre of the song almost always depends on my mood. For example, my favorite song is "Yeah!" Usher, "I just Wanna Live" Good Charlotte, "Hotel" R.Kelly feat Cassidy,
I like the lyrics: "My immortal" Evanescence, "Ghetto gospel" 2pac feat Elton John,
Forcing to want to dance: "The World is mine" David Guetta, "Get busy" Sean Paul,
Makes you laugh: "American Idiot" Green Day, "Calma e sanguefreddo" Luca Dirisio, "For real" Athena,
Makes you think about life: "Raise & Fall" Craig David feat. Sting, "Breakaway" Kelly Clarkson,
Causes the cry: "Here Without You" 3 Doors Down, "Tonight and the rest of my life" Nina Gordon, "I Bruise Easily" Natasha Bedingfield,
Raises the mood: "Boonika Bate Doba" Zdob si Zdob, "Hotel" R.Kelly feat Cassidy,
Never get bored: "Behind These Hazel Eyes", "Since u've been gone" Kelly Clarkson ...
I can write a lot about music, but I'm afraid this letter will turn out to be too long. So I finish about music and I hope you now know which music I listen most often.
About what I love and about what I do not like in this life, I also can write you a lot. Like all women I love flowers. I like to spend time in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes for dishes. I want to find my own recipe for a dish that is not yet known to mankind. I do not know what I will do, but I'm already in the process of completing. I have a dish that I came up with myself. I called this dish "Love and hate". It turned out very tasty and can ever I prepare this dish for you. Sorry, but I can not tell you the recipe yet. This is my secret.
To what I love in this life, I also can add that I love communication; I love new acquaintances; I love the sun; I love the sky; I love summer, the beach, the sea; I like to travel and learn about other cultures; I like when people treat me with understanding and respect.
I do not like it when the business has not been completed; I do not like the disorder in the house; I do not like to drink beer; I do not like to smoke; I do not like rain; I do not like bullying; I do not like not understanding; I do not like lies and certainly do not like secrecy in a person.
What else can I write? I think you are interested in learning about my relationship with men. The last serious relationship with a man I had in Latvia, but judging by the one I met already here, it seems to me that all men are the same. Can you tell me why for men the first place in a relationship always takes sex? Is sex more important to you than love or family? I've thought about this a lot, but I just can not understand your man's mind. Can you explain to me? Here 3 months ago I had a fan who wanted to create a serious relationship with me. In the beginning, he behaved with restraint, like a real gentleman. But in a short time he changed and I realized that he wants from me only sex and my money. I wanted to have a serious relationship and of course severed all relations with him. Later, I did not accept his apology, although he tried to return me. I just left him and it was all over. I do not know if I did the right thing with him then, but God knows I could not do otherwise. To be honest, it was this parting with him that prompted me now to get acquainted through the Internet. Now I have a completely different attitude to my search for a man and before I start a serious relationship, I want to first learn about him in detail. I want to know about his inner soul, about his intentions and of course about his plans for the future.
So, my letter turned out to be very long. I hope I will not make it difficult for you to read my letter. Of course I will wait for a similar response from you and I ask you to write me about your search for a woman. What should it be, what qualities are you most important in it? This is important for me and of course important for our relationship if we are going to build them.
I will wait for your letter and will also look forward to your photos with impatience. Now I wish you a successful day.
Sincerely yours, Jaana.

Hello my dear. Do you mind if I call you "My Dear"? How are you today without me? What is your mood? What is the weather like? How very tired I was today for the whole day, if only you knew. Today there was a lot of work, but despite this I could not not write to you today.
All day today I have some not clear. I have a lot of work, many contracts that need to be checked, but the thought of you does not allow me to get into the mood for work. Today I constantly think about you, about our meeting !!! Maybe I'm already going crazy? I have a feeling that I'm really going crazy and I must admit that I'm going crazy without you. You know, before sitting down to write this letter to you, I spent about a quarter of an hour sitting at my working computer and just thinking about you. I imagined what you are in reality, I represented our first meeting, our first conversation, the first night and ... I can not tell you about everything, because I'm embarrassed. To be honest, I'm a bit afraid of what will be ahead. I mean our meeting. With me this is the first time, this is my first acquaintance with a man through the Internet and it scares me. Suddenly, our expectations will not come true. Then what? We just say goodbye and go our separate ways? Or will we still continue to meet? What would you do if I did not like you? Of course, I do not want to think about this now, until our meeting, but I would be interested to know about your reaction in this situation. If I tell you about my reaction, I'm not going to leave. I think if you and I do not approach a serious relationship, then we could still stay with you friends and meet with you as friends. You agree with me? What are your thoughts on this? Only honestly! I hope you agree with me.
Now I want to touch on one more topic. I now have in mind the topic of my search for a man. I am now 32 years old.
I already have a third dozen of my life, and I'm still not married. At first I did not think much about it, but now I'm more and more worried about it.
I do not want to remain a single woman for life and therefore I want to confess to you now that I seek a serious relationship.
If I tell you about the man of my dreams, then most of all I care about his inner world. I'm not looking for a rich, handsome blond with a villa on the beach.
Wealth is not important to me. Let him be less than 30 years old or on the contrary more than 60 years - it's not important for me.
For me, it is more important in him such qualities as caring, kindness, sincerity, ability to respect the opinions of others, understanding, compassion and of course love.
Maybe my search is fantastic, but I believe that there is such a man in this world. I do not reject the idea that this man can be you,
because I feel that you are a good person. For someone you are a good friend, for the parents an obedient son, maybe for me in the future
you can be a caring husband? No, I'm not writing to you right now about wanting to be your wife. I do not know much about you right now,
but I also do not reject the idea that perhaps you are the very man I've been looking for all my life. These are my thoughts about you and my expectations about our meeting.
Perhaps these are fantastic dreams, but no matter how it may be our personal meeting will help us understand each other better.
I want to plan a trip to you. My angel, I'll find out how much a ticket costs to you and I'll look for a hotel where I can stop. Can you meet me at the airport? Where better to fly to me?
Gently kiss you.
Write to me soon.
Your forever, Jaana.

Hello my dear. How are you today without me? What is your mood, how do you feel? Do you miss me, do you think about me?
my dear, I'm sitting by my computer at work and I'm all in tears. No, do not think that something bad has happened to me. This is not true. I'm fine, I'm not sick, but my mood spoiled the fact that I can not come to you. Please excuse me for setting you up for this meeting and now I myself refuse this. God knows, I do not want to give up on our soon meeting, but I have to do it because I have an urgent job. Last night a woman from Berlin called me. She is the manager of a company in Berlin and she offered me an order with not a bad salary. At first I did not want to take up this order, as our meeting was ahead of us, but it turned out that it was not a difficult order with a big salary and so I agreed. I'm very ashamed to ask you about
this, but maybe we could reschedule our meeting 3-4 days later? tomorrow at 9 am I will have to leave Russia. In Russia there are branches of that company and I need to formalize agreements with them for further cooperation. I leave for about 4 days. My dear, the fact that I'm leaving for 4 days on a business trip does not mean that I will not write to you. I will definitely take my laptop with me and write to you every day. I do not want to lose contact with you, so I will tell you about every day I have lived. Please just do not get upset, it's not the end. We just need to be with you a little more patient and hope that these 4 days will pass quickly.
So, I'm at work now and I have to work. I'll write to you later in the evening or tomorrow morning before my flight. Do not miss me much, although probably it's hard. I will miss you, too.
Again gently kiss you on both cheeks !!!
I miss you already !!!
Your, Jaana.

Hello my dear. How are you today without me? How is your mood ? Do you think about me or just forgot about me? Do not be angry, this question is just a joke !!! Of course I know what you think of me. I feel it in my heart and I'm very pleased when my man's thoughts are always with me. my sun, forgive me again for my next silence to you. In these last days, I myself do not find a place for myself. I'm just going crazy without you. I think about you a lot, miss you very much, but to my great regret, I just could not find the time to write to you until today. I remember in my last letter that I promised to write to you before I left. You've probably been waiting for my letter? I really wanted to write to you the evening before the business trip, but unfortunately the preparation for my business trip turned out to be very difficult for me. It was necessary to prepare a lot of documents. I sat almost till 3 o'clock in the morning at my work, and then I just physically could not do anything anymore. I was very tired, especially at 9 am I had to fly away already. my dear, at the moment I'm already in Moscow. I traveled around the company here in Moscow. I checked the documentation and almost all have already concluded contracts for further cooperation. Today at 8 pm I will have the last meeting and if everything goes well, then tomorrow morning I will fly back home.
You know, lately I've been thinking about you a lot. The fact that I do not write to you every day does not mean that I forgot about you. I would like you to remember that you are always in my thoughts and always think of you. Even at work, you do not leave my head and now it seems to me that I'm already in love with you. Strange chuvsto at me now inside. The heart beats very fast and sometimes even the fingers tremble when I press the keys in my laptop. Maybe I already really fell in love with you? I never believed in such love through letters, but every time I feel that I was wrong. There is not much left until our meeting and every day I am more worried. I'm worried about suddenly I do not like you and you just do not want to see me !!! Or it may be that you just do not want to meet me !!! These thoughts worry me more and I am very worried. It would be nice if you could now promise me that no matter what you meet me. Your words about it would have reassured me. You know, I'm writing you this letter now, but in my heart I wonder if you really can love me? only honestly !!! Tell me, could you love me for life? Or do you just want to meet with me and spend time with me? I really need an answer to this question, but on the other hand your future answer scares me. I just do not want to stay with a broken heart and I do not know what to do now. Very hard. If everything goes well today, then tomorrow morning I will fly home. Or if you want me to call you, write me your phone number, where I can call you.
Till tomorrow.
I love you and really miss you !!!
Your, Jaana.

Hello my sweet heart. Should I ask you now about your mood? Probably not. I spoiled your mood with your letter and now I feel guilty for you. Please forgive me for the spoiled mood. believe me, I have very very very bad mood. It was just a nightmare night for me. Detectives came to the police station, people from my embassy came and they all asked me many many times to explain what happened that night. I already lost count of how many times I gave evidence. I explained them in detail, remembered all the details of the incident, but they still ask the same questions. I do not understand what else they wanted to know from me, or maybe they just wanted to make me feel guilty about everything? I heard nothing from the policemen. They only told me that they would start an investigation, but how long it would last they did not know. I do not know what to do now. I now feel very hurt and tears flow from my eyes. It is very hard for me and I do not want to stay a day longer in this country. I'm very frightened and I'm already afraid to go out here alone. I'm so scared. This morning I asked my embassy to help me get back home. I asked my embassy for them to buy me a return ticket, but in reply to the embassy they told me that they can not take any action now, until there is an official statement from the police about the closure of my case. If to say differently, my embassy asks me to wait for the end of the investigation and only then they can help me. I asked my embassy how long to wait, but nobody knows about it. Maybe a week, maybe a month - I do not want to wait that long. I'm just going crazy for this time in this wild country. Recently, from the meeting point, I tried to get through to that woman from Berlin who ordered this job for me. I was hoping that she would help me, but she refused to help me, referring to the fact that I was not working at their company officially. I receive money only for my work done and it is not responsible for me. She told me directly on the phone so she did not even want to talk to me anymore. Very cruel and I'm just shocked by everything. All my money, credit card, cell phone, documents, laptop - all this was stolen along with my bag and now I'm just in a desperate situation. I do not even know now how to get back to my home and where to turn for help? I tried to call my best friend, but her phone does not answer. Probably she again went to her parents and her phone does not answer. If my parents were alive, I would certainly apply to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive. So I just do not have anyone to ask for help now except you. Sweet, forgive me now for my determination. God knows, I've never asked anyone for help in my life. I always tried to get out of the difficult situation myself, but now for the first time in my life I do not know what to do. I need 988 dollars now to buy a return ticket home, but I do not know where I can find this money here. I'm afraid now my love, I do not want to lose you, but if not to you, then who else should I contact? I'm crying now and with tears in my eyes I'm now asking you to help me get back to my home. I know that my request will anger you. I also know that now you will now lose your confidence in me, but despite this I ask you to help me with the money for a return ticket. I do not take this money from you for good. I will definitely return you this money as soon as I fly home. I have money in my house, but I can not take them from here. I ask you to give me this money for a few days, if you can. If you do not help me, I'll be on the street. In a couple of days I'll have to leave the hotel and then I'll have to sleep on the street. Now I only hope for you.
My dear, I asked for help from a woman with whom she was doing business in Russia. Unfortunately she does not have that much money, she has 4 children and a loan for an apartment. She gave me money for food and for a couple of days stay at the hotel, also on the internet cafe to write you a letter.
I asked to help her with the transfer of money. If you help me, I'll ask her to accept the money. Since I do not have a passport, he was stolen. With a temporary passport will not give money to the bank.
I sent you her copy of the passport.
You can use any method to transfer money. Using banks: Contact, Ria, MoneyGram, Western Union.
You will need only her data to transfer money. After that, we'll go to the bank together and get your help.
Here are her details:
name: Ekaterina
surname: Zorkina
Ogorodnyy Proyezd, 20с21, Moskva, Russia, 127254
phone: 79053455094

I really hope you will not leave me in this terrible country. Standing on my knees and with tears in my eyes, I beg you not to leave me.
I'm afraid to send you this letter, because I'm afraid to upset you. But all my hope of returning home is now only in this letter. I ask you to think and if you can help me. I will wait for your answer and I hope that you will respond to me today.
Well, now I need a dream. I am very tired. I ask you my love, write to me as soon as you receive my letter.
I love you and miss you very much.

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