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Natalya <>
« on: June 20, 2019, 11:01:56 AM »
Name: Natalya
Age: 33
City: Belebey, Russia
Emails: <>, <>, <>

Hi ******  !!!
I am very glad to see your answer!
At first I doubted a little, but now my doubts left!
It is very pleasant to me that you did not leave my offer to get acquainted without attention. I will be time with you to get acquainted better and to learn about you ****** more!
I  thank  you  for  your  photo!!!  It is very pleasant to me that you
reciprocated to me!!!
I  will  be very glad to see still your photos from your life!! That I
could  see  as  you  live and to know you better!!! I will also try to
send you a photo!! I hope that they will be pleasant to you!
It is very interesting to me to write you my letter and I hope to know better you in your letters.
About your life? About your hobbies? Why you look for the partner in life? And about many other!
I think that our acquaintance will be interesting to both! I think that new acquaintances it is always interesting! Do you agree with me ******?
I am glad to you I hope to write my letter and it will be mutual. I very much hope that it is mutual?
As you understood I look for the man for good communication! Perhaps over time we will be more than just friends on correspondence!!
I want to get acquainted with the man with which will interestingly communicate! That shares experiences and thoughts. It is possible to receive and give vital advice!
Of course I do not exclude the serious relations. I now lonely and at me am not present the man.
You know, I often feel me lonely. I have girlfriends, but there is no friend of the man to whom I could trust! With which I could speak on various subjects!
It is very often boring for me one houses, and at these moments you understand that you lack the loved one.
Also you live in hope that you will find close and the sincere friend soon! To you there is also boringly when you one ******?
I hope that ours with you acquaintance will help us to know each other better! I will try to tell you about my life! Of course if it is interesting to you and you want to know me better!!??
Now I want to tell you a little about me and my character!!! I think that so it will be simpler to us to communicate!!))
I am very cheerful, vigorous and cheerful girl, with good sense of humour and romantic character. And it is always pleasant to me when I can lighten the mood to the close people!
Also I am an open person in soul of people and mine friends know all this! It is always pleasant to me to talk to the person and to know him better. I sociable can also always support an interesting conversation.
It is very interesting to me to recognize you ****** as I hope that you are a good person and the pleasant interlocutor:)
I live in the city of Belebey in Russia. (Republic of Bashkortostan)
I hope that our distance between us will not interfere with our friendship and we will remain with you friends.
The distance cannot influence good communication and friendship in any way! Besides we live in the world of high technologies and opportunities!
As you already know my name is Natalya! I am 33 years old, my day
births on May 12.
On zodiac sign I am a Taurus. Do you trust in a horoscope ****** ???

I very much want to find the man for good communication. At the moment I lack men's communication!
I am not married and I have no children!!! I am a free girl!!! I never was in a legal marriage!
I hope you also in your letter will be able to tell about you that I had an idea of you!!!
I ask you questions in my letter because I want to know whether really you are open for further communication ******?
Because it is very important for me! Because if you have no desire, then it is better not to begin our acquaintance!
I very much hope that you correctly will understand me ****** .
It will be very pleasant to me to get acquainted and know with you you better!! Perhaps we will be friends!
I can tell you surely that I am open for communication. Perhaps waits for us in the future more than friendship!!!
I should finish unfortunately my letter ****** !
I will look forward news from you as soon as possible ****** !
I will regularly check my email to see your letter!!
I write you from my personal email now! Write me your letters on this email with which I write you the letter ****** now!!
That our letters had good delivery it is necessary that you added me to your address directory. So our letters will not be lost!!!
I will wait very much for your letter ****** !!! I wish you successful day and good mood!!!
Yours faithfully your new girlfriend Natalya!!!!

Hi ****** !!!
****** Ya is madly happy to see your answer. When I saw that I am waited by your letter, my mood just blew up!!!
If  to  tell honestly, then I was not sure that you will respond to my
letter ****** !!
For me it is very pleasant that you write me and you pay me the attention and time.
YOU do not represent as I am glad that you responded to my modest letter!!!!!
It  is  very pleasant to me to receive your photo. YOU are very lovely
Know I is very glad that you reciprocated and also sent me your photo.
I will try to please you with my photos.
Thanks to it we learn and we see what we in life!!!
I  am  very  sorry, but unfortunately I cannot communicate with you in
real time. I have no msn and skype.
Because I have no personal computer to communicate with you.
I use the computer of my friend, and whenever possible the computer at
my work.
It  is  sad  that  we cannot communicate with you in a chat and to see
each other in the camera.
But  we  can  know  each other better through letters and exchange the
photos from life.
I  am already happy that I have an opportunity to communicate with you
through letters.
Really it is very interesting to me to read your letter ****** . Because we are not familiar with you yet and our first letters have to be remembered to us on long.
Acquisition of the new friend this already big event in life.
All this new to me because I for the first time meet the man on the Internet.
I am ready to tell you a little about me.
I now I work in branch of sales.
My specialty at work "sales manager". I sell household appliances (TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, irons and many other goods).
My work Consists to call small points on sale and to offer our goods. It is possible to tell that I am engaged in wholesale.
I look for clients who will order household appliances in small shops. I work at small office. 
At us it is very difficult to find good work in the city at this time, I could not find work in my city for a long time!!!
But there passed time and I found work in this firm. 

The city of Belebey not really big, I very much love my city, and I will always love.
I lived here very long, and now it is my homeland! The population of the city makes 61,000 people.
My city to be at distance of 1300 kilometers from Moscow!
I work from 10:00 till 17:00. How many hours a day do you work? Sometimes the working day is increased for 2 hours if there is a lot of work. Also sometimes force to come to work on the weekend. It is necessary to do it because work in deficiency now!!
I very much want to know more about you as it is very pleasant to me to communicate with you!!!
If to tell honestly, then I asked for the help in the Internet to find the friend sincere. Who will understand me and to support!
The man with whom it will be interesting to me to communicate. With which I will be able to construct good and firm friendship. In general I think that perhaps from good friendship can it will turn out the serious relations!! How do you consider it perhaps ЖЖЖЖЖЖ??
My friend to me advised to ask for the help in the Internet. She saw my loneliness and that I cannot find the worthy man.
We have a girlfriend who lives in your country more than 3 years. She on the Internet got acquainted with the man from your country. She is happy very now and they have a remarkable couple. She lives three years with the man and they have strong relations. I want to try to construct the relations on the Internet too. Perhaps at me it will turn out to find my happiness too!!! I believe in good luck! Do you believe in good luck ЖЖЖЖЖЖ???
I already long time am in loneliness without man. And the most important for the person it to find the person to whom you will always trust!!!
I could not find such man in my city. For many reasons I cannot find the love in my city and in general in Russia. I cannot live with the man of the Russian character. I on it have reasons. I was deceived and I do not want to burn more!!
The sincerity is a feeling which does not allow to freeze in this cold world.
Understand these words I tried to describe all what to happen at me inside.
It  is my inner world, my secrets. I to very few people speak about it
and now I do not know why I decided to tell you it ****** .
Start  up  it  will  be  the  first  steps  to our acquaintance to you
****** . You know now when I write you this letter became easier for me, and I am already not so lonely.
But probably not only my inner world, but also as I look also my vital interests is interesting to you.
Gradually I will tell you in more detail about me, but from you I also
want to learn everything about your life ****** .
I long time looked for the loved one of the life and felt me very lonely all these days. I very much want to find the man with whom I will be able to feel me comfortably!!! And I am happy now that I have such beautiful friend as you ******!
You know, I always tried to keep in me all the best, and even for all life told nobody a rough word!
Very important that the man respected the woman, and I if I live with the man surely will be a fine second half!!!
Everyone has to look for the second half!!! Year can, day can, but the love has to be the most important detail in life of each person!!!
Do you so think ******? ****** If you do not agree with me, then please correct me! It will be interesting to me to hear your thoughts.
To me is sad a little, but I have to finish this letter now!! I will look forward to your letter ******!!!
I very much hope that you will be able to answer me as soon as possible!!!
I very much wait for your letter!!! And also I will be very happy to see your photo ******!
It will be very interesting to me to receive your photos from life! To know you it, what you in life better!!
I wish you successful day!!!
Sincerely, your new friend Natalya!!!

Hi ****** !!!:)
I am happy to see your letter today!!! it is very pleasant to me to see the answer to my letter!!!!!
I very much waited for it and for me great happiness that we continue our acquaintance:)
How are you? How mood?? I hope that weather in your city normal?
I am grateful to destiny that the Internet allows gets acquainted to lonely hearts. Allow me, to call you the friend, it is very important for me!
As I think that you are a good friend openheartedly!!!!
I  am  very  happy to receive your photo. It is very pleasant that you
please me with your photos.
I  try  to  send  you  also  a photo from my life that you can know me
Today I want to tell more about myself!!! My height about 168 centimeters! My weight of 58 kilograms.
In life I like to play sports as I love active holiday.
I try to allocate time from work! I am engaged 2 times a week on aerobics as it is always necessary to hold the shape of a body. The girl needs it! But not always it turns out to allocate time for sport because of work.
My most favourite sports are a skating. I like to ski in the winter in the forest in the fresh air with friends. Earlier very much liked to play volleyball! I very much like to ride a bike!! But unfortunately now because of work is not present for this time!
I very much like to swim in the pool, in the summer on the river or the lake!! I love exits to the nature! It is very exciting to spend time in the forest in nature it!!! It is possible to bathe in water and to cook food on a fire!!
I very much like to cook ****** . I since the childhood know how to cook and I very much like to spend time in kitchen!! My most favourite kitchen is that which I prepared.
I know how to cook meat and fish dishes! I know how to cook salads!! Recently I learned to cook sushi Japanese cuisine!! Perhaps sometime I will have an opportunity to surprise you with my culinary abilities ******!!! In general I like to eat tasty!!!
From foreign kitchen I love Italian cuisine and Japanese!! I tried the Bavarian cuisine, but I did not try to do it yet!!!
Also sometimes I like to spend a free time of the house behind the interesting book. If I strongly am tired at work, then I like to read the book in the evening. I love love stories.
Also I love world classics. Sometimes I read detective stories!!
Always lightens the mood as the interesting movie on TV. In general because of work there is not enough time for hobbies. Almost all my time leaves for work. After work great desire is simple to have a rest!!!
I studied ****** at economic institute on business development.
My faculty at institute was "Economy and business management". It was great student's time!!! I graduated from the institute 9 years ago.
****** I hope you understand my letter and what I want to tell in it?
I at school learned English. When I entered the institute English was obligatory. It always very much was pleasant to me!!!)) I am glad that thanks to it I can write you letters now!!!
Probably if we met, then you would laugh at my accent. Because I had no big practice in a conversation in English yet!!!

****** I am very glad that got acquainted with you and now it is not boring for me!!!
****** I hope that you are glad to our acquaintance too and it is pleasant to you to communicate with me!!! I want to open for you the antecedents!!!! I do not want to strain you and to be cried to you about my last problems. But I consider that I have to tell you about my bad experience with men.
I in the past had the friend within seven years and I was forced to leave it. As it changed me! I could not forgive it it as to me it was very sore in heart!!!!! There was it to me regularly changed.
My heart was broken!!! I learned that he sleeps with other woman!!! I think that treason it is impossible to forgive.
When you love each other there has to be a trust. I do not love when lie to me in eyes, this most awful!!!
I hope that in the future I will be able to find the second half which will help me to forget that horror which I experienced!! The man who will love me and to whom I will be able to give all my love. As now it is very difficult for one to live in this world!!!!
I write ****** to you about me and about my private life is detailed
that you had a real idea of me. I hope that you will also write in detail about you ****** !!!
Now, when I wrote to you and opened before you my soul, you knew me better.
I will wait for your letter, and I hope to receive the worthy answer!
I am sure that for a happy and wonderful life it is necessary to look for the second half!!!
As I do not represent life alone.
I  hope  that  you  will be able to write me prompt reply ******!! I
wait every day from you for the letter of ****** !!!
I wish you successful day and good mood!!!
Your girlfriend Natalya!!!

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