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on: June 17, 2019, 07:29:51 AM
Name: Yuliya Akhmadishina
Age: 27
City: Russia, city Kazan, street Vosstaniya, house 19, apartment 4

Hello ******;) You are interesting for me, but i would like to know you
better. Thanks for your photos. I like you. Sure, appearance has
certain role, but small. For me more important a private world of
person. I live in Russia, in city of Kazan, and i am 27 years old. I
don't like to get acquainted on internet because now there were many
perverts who want only my photos or my video. That's why i deleted my
profile on facebook. Because there wrote a lot of perverts to me.
Maybe it is strange for 21 centuries, but i don't communicate in
skype, whatsapp and other chat. I don't like this. I like to
communicate, exchanging letters. I think that is more interesting
because it is so simpler to express thoughts and it is so simpler to
understand essence of person. If you don't like such way of
communication, we don't have sense to spend time at each other. But if
you agree tell me more about you. Long ago i am liked take photos my
city of Kazan. I send you some photos of my city and me;)

Hello ******;) Thanks for new photo. I like this.;) ******, now 21
century. And i think that if we will want in future of serious
relations, distance won't be for us a problem. But i think that now to
us early to talk about the meeting. I will be glad, if you send me
more photos of your life.;) Now i think is time to tell about myself.
My name is Yuliya. I am 27 years old, but all tell, that i look
younger, and this is very pleasant for me.:) I was never married and i
never had children. I like sport. I go to gym to be engaged in
fitness. Also i like ride a bicycle. I try to keep body in a nice
form. And i try to be healthy always. I don't like to be ill:) I like
to spend time with my friends (is a girls). I like to ride a bike. But
in last days this is gives me not enough pleasure. I want a family.
Now i work bookkeeper in autocentre dialogue-auto. Maybe difficult to
believe in this in 21st century, but in all my life i had a sex only
with one man. We had a serious relations. Maybe i will tell you about
this in next letter if i have a mood to write about this. Now i am
alone 2 years. I have a good friend (is a girl). Her name is
Elizaveta. We like take photos each other.:) Most of my photos she
made.:) Well, you know that i like. Well. I will write you a little
about my plans for life. Now i am 27 years old, and i want find a
decent man to marry. What do you think about this? Write me your
thoughts and tell me more about yourself;)

Hello ******;) I like children. I often communicate with godson. Today
she was visiting me. Her name is Olga. I am sending you photo together
with her;) No. I dont use skype or something another. I removed all
pages from social networks because many men wanted to communicate with
me. And it bothered me. Many perverts wanted to get acquainted with me
on internet, but i want man with whom i will be happy. You can take
offense, but i won't communicate in skype. Now i will tell more about
myself and about past. As i already wrote you, i had relations only
with one man. I had relations with it of 3 years, but he disappointed
me. He had sex with other girl, and constantly deceived me. Certainly
i packed all things and left him. He asked to forgive him and said
that he will change, but i couldn't forgive this and deleted him from
my life. I think that only thing that is never possible to forgive is
a treachery. I hate people who betray and lie. I don't respect such
people! I like and i respect sincere and kind people with whom is
pleasant to communicate! I want find careful, loving man, and i want a
family! I want care and love husband. I think that family is most
important that can be in life. For me a family always on first place!
If you have other priorities on life, better for us now cease to
exchange letters. If you think too as i, i will be glad to continue
our communication on internet.;) Also i don't like arrogant men. I
like simple men with whom is interesting to communicate.

Hello ******. I am glad to receive your letter again;) ******, i believe
only in one single god. Is Christ the Savior? I don't know if this is
true or not, and what did he do for me? We are not familiar yet, so i
told you my name. I think that better to be at first our communication
sincere with each other. As i already wrote you, i don't like lie, i
like sincerity. I already wrote you that i live in Russia, in city of
Kazan. I live with my mom. My father left family when i was 6 years
old. Now i dont know where he is. When i come home, i very want
someone nearby, loving man that he embraced me, pressed to myself,
kissed me and told: "I love you my sun, everything will be good." I
want that after work i was met by careful, loving husband. Yes, i want
to marry in near future, but at first i have to meet man of whom i
will be sure that he loves me, won't betray and will care of me. I
send my new photos. I hope you like.;)

Hello dear ******;) I am very glad to your letter. Today i have very
good mood. Every day i get used to our communication more and more. It
seems to me that i start getting used to you. For me interesting to
read your letters. ******, i already wrote to you that i dont use
skype. In recent days i often feel bored at work. I think of taking
vacation in near future. And i think that would be healthy if we could
meet during my vacation. I now not sure about this, but maybe i will
be decide on this in future.:) Now i have a good mood and i remembered
that is fine to travel. I again wanted to fly somewhere to time of my
vacation. I was vacationing in Sochi. Also, i liked go to village in
summer sometimes. I send you some photos:) I hope will be interesting
to you watch this.;) ******, i wish you good mood. Tomorrow i will look
forward to your letter.;)

Hello my ******. In last days i often feel very lonely but when i
receive your letters, i am glad as small and i don't think of
loneliness.;) You give me nice mood every day and i am grateful to you
for this. I want come to you in the middle of July. I am glad, what do
you want to meet soon. I will try to take vacation soon. I will be
very glad to spend with you my vacation. I don't want to meet in any
unfamiliar country. If you aren't against, i will be glad come to you.
For me it is important to meet not in some other country. For me it is
important to meet in your country where you live because i want to see
as you live. I feel that i know you for a long time and i want to
spend my vacation together with you in your country. If you invite me
to yourself home, i will understand that you really seriously treat
me. I don't want to meet in any other country and to live in hotel all
vacation. So i will think, what do you want to have fun with me, but i
don't need entertainments. I want serious relations. And i very hope
that you really seriously treat me and you too want serious relations.
It is very important for me!! I want family happiness. I very like
you, but i have to be sure that you too want family happiness and that
you seriously treat me. Now i finish letter. Tomorrow i will look
forward to your answer.;) I hope that you will attentively read my
letter and you will answer me sincerely.

Hello my dear ******. How are you? I received your letter and i am
glad, that you want to meet me. Dear, i have good news. On work i will
be given vacation for whole month because i didn't take vacation long
ago. Within 2 weeks i will be able already to take vacation and come
to you!;) I am very glad for this! And you? So, now for me is
necessary to count finance and approximate expenses that i could come
to you without problems. I hope that it won't be very expensive.:)
Tomorrow i will have an difficult day. I will work till evening. But
day after tomorrow i will go in travel agency to learn in detail about
travel cost to you. I think that when i will come to you, it will be
unforgettable time together.;) Write me thoughts about this. For me
very interesting read this.;) Today i feel happy. We will be together
soon and i really think that we will have serious relations. I very
want this. I was tired to be in search of worthy, careful man who will
love me truly, and i think that man, worthy for me, it you.;) I very
hope that i am not mistaken in you and you really want a family and is
ready to love me and to care of me. Tomorrow i will wait for your
letter. My embraces. I am sending you my new happy photo.;)

Hello my ******. I am glad to your letter again.;) Dear, i was very
glad to read your letter. I hope that you will really take care of me
and love me. It is very important for me. I too will be glad to take
care of you. I'll be glad to cook you food. We will spend time
together. You'll show me your city. Dear, for me will be very
interesting watch how you live. We live in countries of different
culture but it is doesn‘t matter at all when you meet a kindred soul
that looks like a part of yourself. Today i was in agency of travel,
and i was told to count exact sum of my travel to you, i need to tell
them name of nearest airport. Write me this information as soon as
possible, and tomorrow i will go in travel agency again.;) Dear, if
all of a sudden i did not have enough money to pay all travel to you,
i can rely on you in this? I think my money will be enough for travel
to you, but i'm want to know if i can trust you, if for me will be
difficulties, if my money will not be enough to pay for travel to you.
But i hope that i will not have problems with this. My hugs.

Dear ******, i want to take money in rubles, but if you can only send
in dollars, you can send in dollars. No problems. ******, give me name
of airport closest to you.. Ok? I will try to come to you as soon as
possible.. I promise.. Yes, i understand that i will be at home during
the day until you return home. But all your free time we will spend

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