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on: June 10, 2019, 08:37:05 AM
Name: Yuliya Kozhina
Age: 29
City: Nizhnekamsk, Russia
Emails: <>, <>

Hello my friend !!! You and I do not know much, so let's continue the communication here.
I am very glad that you answered me, I was waiting for your letter and I am very pleased to meet you :)
I think that in the course of our acquaintance we can be good friends, I really want this very much :)
It is very interesting for you to write my letter and I hope to get to know you better in your letters.
About your life? About your hobbies? Why are you looking for your life partner? And about many other things !!!
I think that our acquaintance will be interesting for the two of us !!!
I am glad to write you my letter and I hope it will be mutual. I really hope that this is mutual?
As you understand, I am looking for a soul mate, my life partner !!!
I'm looking for a man who can be trusted. Who loved me and respected. Since respect for each other and trust is the most important thing in

a relationship. Do you also think? It is very interesting to me:)
I want my man to be kind, gentle and love me. So that I feel in safe hands as if behind a stone wall.
You know, I sometimes feel lonely and I want a man next to me to whom I will love !!!
When you come home from work and your loved one is always waiting for you. And you only live for him and for the sake of relationships with

him.I often get bored at home alone, and in these moments you realize that you are missing a loved one.
And you live in hope that you will soon find your love and you will have a family !!!! Are you also bored when you are alone?
I want to tell you in my letter that I am looking for a serious relationship, since I want to create my own family and be loved by a woman

!!!I hope that our acquaintance with you will help us to know each other better!
Now I want to tell you a little about myself and my character, since it would be better for us to meet you !!!
I am very cheerful, energetic and cheerful girl, with a good sense of humor and romantic character. And I am always pleased when I can

cheer up my close people !!!I am also an open person in my heart and my friends all know it !!!! It is always a pleasure to talk to a

person and get to know him better.I am very interested to know you, because I think that you are a good friend and a pleasant

interlocutor:)I live in the city of Nizhnekamsk in Russia.
I hope that our distance between us will not interfere with our friendship and we will remain friends with you.
As you already know my name is Julia. my birthday is September 17, 1990.
I really want to find my other half, because I'm lonely. And I do not have enough male heat !!!
I am not married and I have no children !!! I am a free girl !!!
I hope you can also tell about yourself in your letter so that I have more ideas about you !!!
I ask you all these questions in my letter, because I want to know whether you are really open for further relations?
Because it is very important for me !!! Since I am looking for a serious relationship !!!!
I really want to be your friend. I can tell you for sure that I am open to relationships, and I want to continue to get acquainted with

you.Now I will finish the letter.I will look forward to hearing from you tomorrow and I hope you will write to me!
I will really wait for your letter !!!Yuliya !!!

Hi ****** !!! :)
I'm so glad you answered my letter !!!!!
We began our acquaintance :)
I am grateful to the fate that the Internet allows one to meet single hearts. It is very important for me!
I think you are a good friend with an open heart
Today I also want to tell about myself !!! My height is about 170 centimeters and weight is 55 kilograms!
I love outdoor activities.
I do aerobics 2 times a week.
The newest favorite sports are skating or skiing in the woods in the open-air in winter with friends.
Sometimes I like to spend my free time at home for an interesting book. Always uplifting as an interesting movie on TV.
I studied in the city of Nizhnekamsk Economic Institute for Business Development.
My faculty at the institute was "Economics and Enterprise Management". It was a great student time !!!
I graduated from the institute five years ago.
I hope you want to say this is my letter.
I study English at school and university. I did not have practice :)
I hope that we can talk with you in the future !!!
I think this will be a very interesting conversation with my Russian accent !!!
I'm not happy! I like acquaintance !!!
I want to open my past life !!!!
I was forced to leave it. Since he cheated on me !!!!
I was very sick in my heart !!!!! And it was broken !!!
I saw her in bed with another woman !!! I think that cheating can not be forgiven.
When you love each other there must be trust. This is the worst !!!
I hope that in the future I will be able to find my other half.
So hard to live in this world !!!!
I already wrote that I have a real idea about me.
I hope that you will also write in detail about you !!!
You recognized me better.
I hope to get a decent answer!
I need to look for the other half !!!
Life is alone.
Your friend Yulia !

Hi, my ****** !!! :)
I am glad to see your letter today !!! I also want to love my letters.
I think what do you think? This is very interesting for me :)
When I see your letters, I always have a good mood and I have a smile !!!
It seems to me that you are a very good and kind person.
Now the city has stable weather, and I want to share my mood with you.
This is a real pleasure!
Do you have any closest friends? I have a close friend Marina, we know each other for 24 years and all the time we help each other !!!
My friend has a husband and two children, a boy and a girl !!! She is a very happy mom.
Friends can come to the rescue in a difficult moment !!!
She allowed me to use my computer with the Internet !!! To check your email and write you a letter!
I am very glad that she helped me.
I think I will live a long time when I will be long.
I really liked you.
The day passed very quickly. After work, I immediately ran to see your letter :)
I wrote that this is a very interesting person, and I immediately liked you! With you, I do not feel lonely !!!
We may meet or remain only friends, good acquaintances, but I will always remember your letters!
When I do not see your letters, I was alone even tonight, and only when I am writing to you.
Very often you can find a true friend!
I mean a pure soul and always try to be cheerful and fun in all situations. Since you need to live and believe in the best !!!!
I would like to have a long and serious relationship with a loved one.
Today is my wonderful day. I think of you.
We will be good friends with you.
I want not only friendship, but also my soul.
Your friend Julia !!!

Hi, my friend ****** !!!
I am glad to read your letter. I see and feel that with each letter we become much closer to each other!
I am happy to have such a wonderful friend like you !!! I am happy that I met you, I am happy that you have been in my thoughts all day.
When I told friends about you, everyone was surprised - I decided to get acquainted with a man, I don’t know why, but so far I was alone. I was lonely!
Now, however, only in the virtual world - you found me, and I found you and the meaning of life! I am very interested and pleasant to talk with you!
My friends asked me for a long time why I was alone, and now - I am happy - I decided to meet you ... and I was lucky!
I am glad to read your letter. How are you ? what is your mood? I think you're fine. I want everything to be perfect with you !!!
I want to tell you that my heart starts beating more often when I think of you!
I want to feel you, your tender look, your smile, your hands. I need your warmth and care so much!
I am looking for pure love and romance in a relationship.
I like when it is beautiful, beautiful, gentle and romantic !!! My main desire is to have a family, a loved one and to feel care and constant support in difficult times! Every person and I also strive for this.
I am 30 years old and I want to live this life happily and, as I wrote earlier, I cannot be both lonely and happy at the same time!
I was close to happiness in the past, but my heart was broken. I have to trust the person with whom I will be all my life. Trust every word, gesture, mind, smile. And I am waiting for reciprocity!
There is so much meanness and deception in the world, and it is very difficult to find people who can easily be trusted with life and fate.
I am not telling you that you cannot trust anyone ... It is possible, and very often people become much better if you make a good person! If each person did good deeds, our world would become much cleaner, brighter, kinder !!!
I know you for a long time, but I can say that you are very honest and honest! it attracts me a lot and allows me to believe that you are a very good person and can truly love you! It is very important to love with all your heart!
Although I already thought that through the Internet this is not enough for a deeper understanding of each other, but I really like you, and it seems to me that I have known you for a very long time!
What do you think about it?
Your letters make my mood beautiful! I become more joyful in my soul. I think that someday we will meet with you.
I would like to come to you and see how you live, how you spend your day!
I want you to write me more about your life, because I begin to understand that there is something more between us than friendship, and it seems to me that this feeling of trust is mutual,
I want to share with you the joy when we can look at each other, look into each other's eyes, touch each other ...
I want to see your pleasure and share it with you!
Email me what makes you truly happy, and I will try to do something to make you a little bit happier too!
I am waiting for your beautiful letter and I promise that I will think about you every minute!
Your Yulia!!!

Hi my friend ****** !!! I am grateful to fate that lucky chance allowed us to find each other !!!
I am pleased to read your mail, your letters make me happy and joyful in my heart! You are much more than just a friend to me!
I want every day we would recognize a friend more !!!!
Write to me in more detail about yourself, your parents, friends. Write me about your hobby, how do you like to spend time? When maybe you miss me :)
I am happy that I know you, and I am interested in your life and your interests! I like you and I want to know you better !!! I hope you understand me!!!
I have devoted a long period in my life to my education, and now my thoughts are devoted to my future! My personal life!
When I was a little girl, my mother could not provide me with the necessary things and she worked 16 hours a day so that I could learn.
And I am very grateful to my mom and I love her very much !!!! My dad also sometimes asks me, “Yulia, why are you so lonely up to now,” I don’t know what to say to him ...
Heart love can not command! I live and wait .... I want only sincere love and forever !!!
My parents live in Perm. This city, at a distance of 170 kilometers from my city, in which I now live, but since I cannot leave my work for a long time, I visit my parents very rarely, but I always use every opportunity to visit them!
I love Mom and Dad, and always happy when I have the opportunity to see them, but my desires do not coincide with my capabilities.
My mother worked all her life at school as a literature teacher. Now my mother is retired, but she continues to teach literature.
My dad worked in the Police, now he is also retired !!! I love my parents very much, as they are the most expensive in my world !!!!
You know, I have been renting a room for almost two years, and I really hope to replace the place of residence.
In my room, only two windows, and they do not even open ...
I live with the girl with whom we work together, we are good friends with her, but the interests are very different. I'm not interested in her, but she, like me, does not have enough money to live in a large apartment.
In the evening, when she leaves for a meeting with her husband, I feel very lonely .....
And I'm bored, I go to Marina, and together we think how cheerful and interesting to spend the evening. Usually we like to just walk around the city park and talk.
I wrote to you here a beautiful park, this park is small, but very cozy. I always feel very good here.
Sometimes we go to the theater, or to the cinema. Twice a year we go to the club to dance.
I am very glad that you have appeared in my life, and I am very interested with you !!! Fair!!!
I really like to receive big letters from you, so write more, and I will be very happy.
I would like to talk about our relationship, I want to study you better !!! And I want you to recognize me !!!
I feel that you are a faithful man, I really, really like you. I am very frank in life and in my letters, and I am waiting for reciprocity ...
I hope that we are waiting for a very long and pleasant friendship !!! If you have a desire, we can see each other ...
I am sending you a photo of this photo of me! I hope you will like it :)
I love poems and even know a lot of poems, and I want you to read this poem !!!

It is written in English !!!!

I thought love was just a mirage of the mind
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you,
that love is real, and exists in me.

Your friend Julia!

Hi my !!!
I have a wonderful day !!!
Every morning when I wake up, the morning sun awakens me.
Rays of light irresistibly approach my eyes when I sleep, and makes me get out of bed and go to get ready for work.
I am very happy to have such a good and kind friend like you !!! I feel that you are much more than a friend to me !!!
I can not even imagine my future life without you, your care, protection. I feel very confident with you! You are the best, you are the strongest, you are the kindest !!!!
I know that you will always help me and protect me! I want to meet you!
And I really want to share my good mood with you !!! I really want you to be always happy!
I want you to be happy like me! I want you to hear the beat of my heart, feel my wonderful mood and joy!
Today I made a little rest for myself; I spent a lot of time with my best friend Marina. I left a semi-annual financial report for tomorrow, although I almost did everything, and soon I will have a lot of free time and probably very soon we will be able to meet with you!
Today, Marina’s younger daughter has a birthday and we want to make her a good holiday. We make a very big cake, and even come up with a small song. There will be a kindergarten here today, since so many children will come!
I think it will be a lot of fun.
We talked a lot with Marina during the day, and of course about you too. I told her that we want to meet, and Marina was very happy, and was happy ... Dear% TOFNAME - This is our destiny, and we are very lucky that we found each other !!!
My girlfriend is very surprised looking at me. I am a very modest girl, and lived like all other people, but now everything has changed. Our acquaintance changed not only my life, but also my thinking. I can not live without you. I will always love you, I will always think of you!
when I fall asleep ... I think of you, when I wake up early in the morning, I think of you!
Tonight I had a dream about you! I don’t know why, but I often imagine you, on the street I look through the eyes of you among hundreds of passers-by, and perhaps that’s why you come to my dreams! Of course, I love you, and I can’t think of something else ... Only you!
I dreamed that we were going together, holding hands along a deserted beach ... We walked barefoot, and the sand under our feet was very warm and affectionate.
We were completely alone, and we liked it very much. You told me about something, I don’t remember, but I really liked it, and I was on top of bliss.
We walked slowly, talking about something, the sea was near, it caressed our feet!
Then we stopped, you hugged me tight. And we threw off all the clothes and ran to swim in the sea!
It was already evening, and the golden sunset slightly lit up our silhouettes.
We jumped into the sea like little children. We were happy! We left the water contented and a little tired.
And then I woke up. got out of bed, I felt very happy! I was a little sad when I woke up, I really wanted this dream to last forever !!!!!!!
Yes, we will have a great time together when we meet. I know it, I'm sure - we will be happy!
I did not tell anyone about this dream, only you! Even Marina, I did not tell this dream, I was embarrassed, because I thought that she would say again that I was very kind and naive! But you do not think that this is just an illusion? We will meet, no doubt!
My dear, when I arrive at your place, we will be the happiest friendly and beautiful couple! We will be happy!
All of today was very beautiful for me, I was all day impressed by this beautiful dream, and I so want this dream to become real.
I believe and hope that we, one day, will also walk along the coastal sand gently holding hands. I will talk with you, and admire each other !!!
Even now my imagination draws this beautiful and unforgettable picture in front of me ....
Tomorrow my mum will arrive to me, and what is most surprising is my father. My father rarely visits me because he has problems with his legs.
But he is always very happy when I come to them, to the house where I was born! I will talk with parents about us and our relationship.
For me now it is very interesting and very important, I will talk with my parents about what we, you and I want to meet !!! This is very important for me, and if my parents agree, I will plan a trip to you!

I look forward to your letter !!!
Forever your Julia !!!

Hi, my beautiful******!
Today the weather is cold here.
The sun very rarely appears between the clouds, but your letters for me are like the bright rays of the sun in this gray world!
Your letter warmed my heart. ******, I am very happy and glad to hear from you today!
your letters always make me feel much better.
I want to tell you that I really feel a very strong and serious feeling towards you.
And I want to inform you that we must meet with each other. You are also eager to hug me! Our meeting will be very important in our life.
Do you agree with me? I have a great desire to meet you in real life !!!
I believe it is possible! This is the real thing!
My mom and dad came to me today. I am always happy and very happy that I can see my mom and dad.
She lives far from the city, and I sometimes see her when she comes to me or when I can visit her.
I really love my mom! And I respect my father very much, he was always a very serious person, as I said, my father worked in the police!
My dad always drove men away from me, so as a child I was friends with boys!
My dad has always protected me from all the troubles! He loves me very much, as I do!
The opinion of my parents is very important to me!
As usual, my mother and I walked around the evening city for a long time, I like walking in the evening after work around the city.
We talked about our friends and acquaintances.
And, naturally, we talked about me and about my personal life.
And since you are the closest person to me, although I have not yet met you, we talked about you.
I spoke with my mom about our relationship. I told them I wanted to visit you. I asked for their advice, and they told me that it was a very good idea for us to meet you!
Mom told me about the upcoming trip with a little excitement, but she loves me very much and wished me and you great luck.
It is very good when parents bless children, and I am very happy because you really liked my parent.
My mother asked me to give you her best wishes.
I consulted with friends about how best to go to another country, but everyone who traveled told me that the journey was very expensive: (My mother was very worried and at first even categorically refused to let me go to you.
But I know that I must visit you, because I cannot live if I do not meet you, and no one can keep me here now.
Even one day spent with you will be a heavenly delight for me!
Dear% TOFNAME, I am a very modest and obedient daughter, but sometimes I am steadfast in making decisions.
Probably, this character trait was given to me from my father. And she was able to convince mom, and even now she is encouraging me.
I will go to you soon, because I love you and can no longer be alone.
I know that you are a wonderful person and the best person living on this part of our planet - it is YOU !!!
And you have won my heart, and now I am only yours. In your hands the most valuable and valuable that I have is my soul !!!
And you won my heart, because now I can't sleep at all - I think about you all the time.
I am an optimist, and I hope that we can meet with you next month.
I believe that our meeting will help us get to know us better and much closer!
I’m sure I want to meet you% TOFNAME. I feel that you are closer to me.
Dear, do I need to know the name of the nearest airport ???
Please write me the name of the nearest airport and its address.
I also need your complete information and your address.
I hope you write me all this in a letter!
Tomorrow I will go to a travel agency and learn a lot more about how to come to you.
I think we should meet, I know how to do it. I will think about it !
I think of you as the only person with whom my future exists. Without you, my life can not continue ... Only with you !!!
I know that we must meet and be with each other.
I've been looking for you all my life******.
I am very excited and infinitely happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Always your Julia !!!

Hi my****** !!!!
I am so glad to receive a letter from you !!!
Tonight, when I slept, I had a beautiful dream in which I was beside you !!!
In my dream, we walked together through the beautiful streets of a beautiful city !!!!!
I do not know what it was for the city, but I have never seen him !!!!
But it was beautiful !!!!
We walked holding each other's hands, and looked each other in the eyes !!!!
Observing your eyes, I saw that you look at me not like everyone else, but somehow in a special way !!!!
And your eyes sparkled with happiness !!!!
I was also very happy, since I was with a man I love, and really want to spend the rest of my life with you !!!!
I was very happy there in my dream, because I was with you !!!!
And I really didn’t want to wake up !!!!
And  when  I  woke  up I was very happy, even though I am not near you
now, in my dream I was beside you my dear****** !!!!!
I so much want you to be with me and it would not be a dream, but in fact !!!!!
Today we have good weather again !!! A lot of sun !!!
When you walk down the street on such a day, it becomes very warm at heart!
For me the main thing is to know that everything is fine with you and that you love me !!!
And I love you too!!! And I really want to come to you !!!!
I really want to see you and really want to be with you right now !!!
Today I went to a travel agency to find out how I can stay with you.
But unfortunately I can not pay my stay to you, for me it is very expensive.
I was told that it would cost about 890 US dollars.
My visa and everything
necessary documents which include compulsory insurance and certificates.
I can do this in a few days, except for a visa.
It will be prepared within 10-12 days.
All certificates and documents will cost 80-90 US dollars
-International passport
-2 color photos 3,5x4,5
- reference from work
-Bank reference
The visa will cost with all fees 130 US dollars
it was all told to me at a travel agency.
I found out about the cost of a ticket to your country and back.
My ticket to you will cost 670 US dollars.
The return ticket is obligatory since it is impossible to arrive in another country without a return ticket.
They can do all my documents in two weeks. I have a saved money of 300 US dollars.
In order for me to come to you I need 590 American dollars !!! This is a very large amount for our country.
Can you help me with this amount of money ???
If I could pay for my stay with you, then in two weeks we will be together.
I can not imagine my life without you and without your warmth and love.
We should be together now !!! I know it, I feel that you want to see me now! Yes now!!!
And now I want to come to you and be with you! Is always!
When I come to you, we will be together day and night. I want to be with you always!
We will laugh and enjoy each other, I really want to feel the warmth of your body, hear your voice, See your eyes!
When we lie with you, I want to cuddle up to your chest !!! You hug me !!!
I want to be only your girlfriend, only yours !!!
When I think of you, you make me very happy! And I want to make you happy too!
Your Julia !!!

Hello my beloved ****** again !!!! ))))
And so, my mother and I went for a walk around the city, and as a result, the weather turned bad ((((I talked to my mother's friend, but unfortunately her daughter cannot help us, and the prices are about the same (((so we ask you to lend us $ 590? After we went to the bank and learned about the transfer, we were offered to make a transfer through West Union, where we can receive the transfer within an hour, and tomorrow we will start preparing the documents .. I already dream of you, I fall asleep, think about you, I wake up and think about you)))) my parents and (especially my mother, Valentina Grigorievna, lane give you best wishes)))) Waiting for your reply, my ****** !!!! Your Julia !!!! Here are my data for West Union: Kozhina Yulia

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