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Tiffany <>
« on: June 06, 2019, 07:26:53 AM »
Name: Tiffany
Age: 35
City: Kazan, Russia

Thank you ****** for showing an interest in me. Wha I would love to get
to know you as well. I am very grateful to you for your photos. They
very much have liked to me. I am 35 but friendships love ages of all
sorts. That's the lovely thing about such relationships- and because
we are in the world of you never know, then - you never know. Perhaps
I'll write a score about it ! For me I am only interested in doing
impossible things. I still have dreams . I would love to go to China
and visit the China wall . Venice is still on my hit list as is
Bavaria ie Black Forest . When i was younger i used to travel abroad 3
times a year, those were the days . I will definitely be going abroad
this year. In my spare time i keep fit and enjoy cooking the outdoors
and sport, i dont waste my time in pubs or clubs. I have decided the
time is right for me now to have a nice MAN to share the good things
in life together. But all that only tries to fill the gap that only a
good loving man can fill. I miss holding hands walking down the
street, and as very tactile person. I miss being held close, the warm
sent of perfume filling my hart. and look that says more than words
ever can. I love to slow dance, even in the kitchen in the
morning...Just because you can. I like to be as inspirational as i can
..specially when i am i never know how it will turn out its always a surprise when it dose OK ha ha Well that's a fair
chunk of stuff for you to mull over ******. So if you like to be held
close, loved deeply, and always have a smile on your face....Then lets
bring it on ha ha ... thanks for giving me your time to read this and
if there is any thing further you like to know about me or indeed tel
me about you then please just ask. Tell me more about yourself and
your dreams and ambitions, Take care ****** Hope to hear back from you
real soon Kindest and deepest regards Tiffany xxxx

Hi there ******, It's been a pleasure by hearing from you once again. I
will be honored to keep writing to you in the process of getting to
knowing each other better. I am very grateful to you for your photos.
They very much have liked to me. I do not have social media sites.
Here America had many sanctions against Russia. Perhaps this was the
reason that it is impossible to register on many foreign websites. It
really meant a lot to me. Friendship is like swallowing hot chocolate
before it has cooled off.It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps
you warm for along time. Well life is good at this point, i feel I'm
very blessed person. family values are very important to me. I live in
Russia. ****** my native father the American, but mother Russian. I
live about mother and the stepfather. My stepfather has replaced to me
my father. My native father arrived to Russia as the student on an
exchange and has met wash mother. They have been enamoured. When my
native father John has left Russia that mother has learned that was
pregnant. But she had no address my father. Therefore he doesn't know
that he has a daughter. To me of 35 years. My birthday on March, 10th.
I studied English at school and at university. I studied the finance
and credits at university. I worked in in firm as the manager on sales
household technics. But after crisis the firm became the bankrupt and
I remained without work. But now I again have work. I'm pretty much a
trusting person, for the most part, however, I have found myself to
have people abuse that and make a fool of me. However, I believe each
person deserves their own chance and don't judge anyone.. In fact, I
try to keep an open mind with everyone.. at least as much as a human
being can.. I try to be kind to other people, honest, pleasant,
reliable, helpful, encouraging. I realize that it is only a number and
immaterial. I have a true heart for the hurts of other people. I enjoy
dressing up but also just relaxing at home. ****** I believe in
ROMANCE! I love romance and being romantic.. I enjoy pampering the my
man (when I have one that is).. Am constantly told that I'm good
looking and both look and act far younger than my years (while still
being responsible for the most part).. Am considered intelligent,
honest, capable of carrying on conversations on a variety of topics,
kind, caring, giving, passionate, compassionate.What you search in the
woman??? I the only child in a family. Tell to me about your family
please. You have pets??? I have a rabbit. His name SHUSTRIK. ******
please, ask me questions, what you interests????? I will wait very
much your letter. Tiffany

I again have time and I reached to the cafe Internet to receive your
letter and to tell to you HELLO ******:))))) I understand your
enxieties regarding my age. But it does not have to disturb you, since
I always prefered men, who are older than me. Only with such man I can
feel myself easy and confidently,like behind a stone wall. Here men
very much offended me. Here men take alcohol much and humiliate women.
To me always liked older men. Older men do not play game and want
serious relations. I too want serious relations. Young the man often
change to women with young women. To me of 30+ years and I do not wish
to be the woman number 2. I very careful woman. My parents want, that
I was happy. If I shall have a choice my parents will respect with my
choice. You understand me??? I wish to be the beloved and in exchange
I shall give love and care. I am tired from treachery and lie.. I have
always looked at age as simply being a number and it is more important
of what you bring to a relationship versus how old you are. With age,
there is much wisdom and with all ages, life brings much knowledge. I
am very grateful to you for your photos. They very much have liked to
me. I am a Christian and attend church. On my person a smile and I is
very glad to receive your letters. I can't often visit the cafe
Internet because I have a lot of work. I work in a bar the waiter. I
work various quantity of time depending on quantity visitors. Today
there were few visitors and I have left work to write you the letter.
I reached on foot because the public transport has been overflowed. I
live in a big city a name Kazan. It approximately 1000 kilometers from
capital Moscow. We have theaters and museums and parks. I like to walk
in parks. But me it is sometimes lonely because I sometimes walk one.
I would like to walk with favourite the man both to hold him by the
hand and to feed ducks in lake. ******, In essence, I seek the
proverbial "Total Package.." Rather than "settling" for someone I
could be happy with, I seek someone I cannot imagine living without(a
subtle yet important distinction) for a lifetime together filled with
passion (both in and outside the bedroom), intensity and bliss.. I
guess I'm looking for a man who can love me as I am (good, bad and
ugly)..Someone who can relate about life and it's ups and downs and
will want to share them.******, I want my match to be able to work
together to obtain goals that we've both set.. I'd like us to be able
to grow as individuals as well as a couple.. I'd want our relationship
to be secure so that we could feel comfortable and trust each other
completely without question!.. I would want to be her everything and
he mine.. I want the WHOLE package.. A friendship that grows into the
ultimate loving/caring/passionate relationship that one only dreams
of.. I don't want to just live with someone, I want someone I can't
imagine living without.. I hope that makes sense.. I guess I'm
searching for the missing piece to my puzzle.. I'd want my man to
match on all levels.******, say that it's what on the inside that
counts and that always makes a person attractive on the outside as
well.. I want to be with someone that I miss when we are not together
and I can feel the electricity running through body when we touch..
Someone who likes to cuddle(I know this probably sounds corny), hold
hands, hug, kiss for no reason and, I just won't settle. I do not have
a particular physical "type" that appeals to me..

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