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Khusainova Regina Rinatovna <>
« on: June 04, 2019, 07:32:15 AM »
Name: Khusainova Regina Rinatovna
Age: 35
City: Arsk, Russia

Beneficiary account number: 40817840209530000008
Beneficiary: Khusainova Regina Rinatovna
Beneficiary ` s bank: AO «ALFA-BANK», 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
Correspondent bank: CITIBANK NA, 399 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10043, USA
Correspondent SWIFT: CITIUS33
Account with correspondent bank number: 36310481.

Hello ******! I am very glad to see your letter, I really thought, that you cannot write to me, but today when I have arrived from work,
I saw these small news, the letter. Fairly very much even it is pleasant for me, to see your message.
Allow it will be not such big, and will be, it is written a little about you. I am really surprised an interesting remarkable thing,
Our assistant, ours not the big friend. I think "Internet" that is the second world,
In it it is a lot of from interesting and mysterious, here really probably to find all,
I certainly believe, that here as probably to find the best friend, the interlocutor, and second half... How you consider my friend?
I will tell to you why I trust in that that so can be. My best girlfriend to get acquainted with the man and to
communicate with it on the Internet and now they together, it its nobility to America and now they there live for a long time
already and to have children. At them already strong family and they are together very happy. School time has departed, we grew, and all has exchanged.
Which do not fluctuate, set to me questions, and I will necessarily answer you......
I will be very glad to you to answer. You like to dance, or you can like to sing?
I will tell not so about me directly: My new friend that we continued the dialogue which I wish to tell to you very important thing,
That I live in Russia, I hope, have not upset you this truth because I start to build any relations with trues,
Actually it is the most important, that relations have been constructed on mutual trust and the truth.
I wish to find the person of my dream with whom I will feel the existing woman whom on desire to be unique with which I will really, it is happy,
And I know, that I can give it also most of all. I already had earlier dialogue with the person through the Internet, but in what good
It has been finished by me, have received a pain and disappointment in this person, and now I cannot find, I search for what person, therefore I continue the search.
Dear ****** big to you thanks for your photos, you very much were pleasant to me.
I very much hope that we with you will communicate to know more and better each other and about each other fur-trees you not against it?
The life is interesting also who does not know, as our destiny will turn, many speak it directly, we build destiny,
But from a part it is not correct, because we do not know, when we meet the person as our relations will develop further,
Which that person I can be valid, you search, and I, that the person which are necessary for you and us, prevent nothing to try to study each other,
Suddenly it is our destiny which we will start to build together))), I would be very glad, if you have sent me the photos.
If you have any images you, please send them to me. I really wish to see you. I would like to see images on your work on your house with
Your friends, everywhere. Thanks for dedication me your free time.
Yes my name Regina.

P.S. my best friend's dog. dog name is Djek. ****** do you like pets? Do you have a dog or a cat?

Good morning ******.
Probably it not morning in general in your city, but give, it takes the resume. Morning - my favourite time of day - because the beginning
From the new day, the new moments of a life and new miracles to stand. I trust miracles, and I know, that they exist. Our life - surprise, and a way with which we have found all
Other surprise, and sunrise - surprise also! So, allow our increase in the sun ;-)
We do not know each other however, but I believe, that all people have something good in them, and are not it big when people try to see these good parties
In each other, also accept others in the friendly way? So, ;-) if you trust the same then, I think, that we become friends very soon,
Also open new page in our lives. What most important thing in your life?
I am very cheerful person, and I have a common sense of humour, it also is very important in a life, the humour helps me to consult to many difficulties
In a life. You know, I am assured, that if the person has a purpose and it has a belief in which, he will achieve always by all means success and for this reason me
Try to be the resolute person instead of to surrender even if something does not go a way which I want. It was pleasant to receive for me the letter from you.
What do you search on the Internet?
What did you think of me when has received my letter?
Thus I am possible, I can to try to tell something more about me, and I believe, that you will read it:)
What I - search in the person? - I wish to find the person, which compensation with me will be, who will not do me bad and sick, who will be valid to respect and
To love me who will answer me with mutual feelings and who is not going to use me, or even to try to use. I will not forgive it. I am very brave,
Both resolute. And sometimes the woman is much more dangerous then men. But I think, that you not such person, also that us has been reduced by advantage
Circumstances :)
I am interested in the person who is fair, lifted, reliable, care, and has common sense of humour. I search for the optimistic and joyful person.
I would like, that it was the care and the devoted friend fascinated and love to the husband. And very much I wish to study,
About people who are in far from me for thousand miles, behind huge oceans, about traditions, about their culture, about you...., it will be very much
Pleasant   for   me  to  exchange  with  you about a life, about work.
My growth of 169 sm and my weight of 60 kg, about which my birthday On May, 30th 1984. I live in city Arsk, in the Russian Federation.
My religion: the Christian. I - the charming, moderate, cautious woman. I am a good listener, and I reach the purposes which I have formulated. I - very sociable, thoughtful,
Kind, and the optimistic person. I am joyful, charming and intellectual, cautious and gentle. And to what your work is connected?
I am really very glad, which you have written me, and I hope to you too very much, it will be pleasant to receive my letter.
Dear ****** I am sorry for the long answer. At me all as what that problems with the Internet. I very much hope that they any more will not be.
Big to you thanks for your photos. You very much are pleasant to me also I is very glad that has got acquainted with you. I very much hope that we will learn each
other and about each other if you not against it more? I live with the mum. My daddy has died three years ago and at me is not present either brothers, or sisters.
I am sorry, but at me was not present and when was not skype. Except you I when and with anybody did not communicate on the Internet.
I am right? But if I find the person who will be my second half in my life I will make everything, that it can to become happy, I will give this all which finishes
The requirement from the woman, we will create a strong family! I will be the best friend for this purpose, and I will help to make all which it should make.
The person and the woman not simple people who loves all others, they are partners, and the best friends in a life. If I find the person who will live even in
The cold North, I will live with it there even if it will be very bad. I search for the person, which can to see second half in me who will be convinced it
I - its woman who will be convinced, that we can to become happy. I am glad, that we continue the correspondence, and I hope, that we will be and to
Develop our relations further. I want the friend, you ask ******, and I hope, that my question as will not offend you. I ask it because I wish to know
It and I want, that we were fair with each other. Whether I am valid, is unique, whether to whom you correspond really?
I hope, that my question as has not offended you. As I am valid also just as not, I wish to offend you.
I wait for your letter. Your remote girlfriend Regina.

Hello my dear ****** - I sit in front of the computer screen, I hasty type necessary words. On work a female part our good-natured collective
Accepts, that in me the mysterious stranger has appeared). Simply now I am not late after work as earlier I quickly go, and I enter home.
To inform the truth, now I do not feel lonely. Now I have you and your words =). After I have read your words, my mood is improved at once.
And all it because in my life you have appeared. You became for me a ray of light which gives hope. Really it so =)!
With hope I have written for the first time to you, and now my hopes are carried out. How there was your day, how yours work? I think, you have a loaded day,
And after work and a tired kind, whether rest is necessary for all sometimes to us and we should not forget about it not so …
Today remarkable day and me has a good mood. Today on work I have received the income.
Really now I have a small salary, but in connection with crisis and situations in the world which many citizens receive at reductions,
To reject and it is a pity, but many people lose work. And in this case to me bore, me have not rejected, also I remain on work...
I think, that it is very difficult, when the person to deprive with favourite business, works... Actually actually! Simple people suffer from crisis, illegally.
We have a cosiness in our family, warmly,
Also we live a life of usual people...
Dear ****** big to you thanks for your photos. I to see always very glad you. I am very glad that we have got acquainted and communicate with you.
I am sorry, but at me was not present skype and in general at me was not present either chamber online, or a microphone. I when and with anybody so did not communicate.
If I once abroad depart what to live, I think, which I would earn much more and could help
The husband of service of a family. I hope, that you not against if your wife works.
And then we should not hurry up, because we should be convinced of our feelings. They - the most important words which I wish to inform you today.
I will wait from you for the letter.
Also know … … … that, there there is on light a person who thinks of you!!!
With the best to you of feeling and tendernesses.
Yours Regina.

P.S. ****** these photos are made when we with children and their parents went on picnic, put a birth of children.
There were children with which I work also their parents.

Hello my dear ******…. How are you?? =) =) =)
I hope, that at all of you it is good! I so would like it!
I am very happy to your letter today, I do not understand, that to me occurs!!!
I wait your letters with greater impatience!
I wait for the end of day what to enter in internet and to see your letter of a word and to read it, this such pleasure. …
I shall try to answer all your questions, and those things which shoot between us, a smile =) laughter =) pleasure which we test from our dialogue =)
You know =) after your letter and good words I have, not usual mood when I go home. I know that when I shall be in house I shall see yours
letter =) and during this moment on my person grows a smile and I am happy to think of you..
I ask you to not laugh =), but in pair I wish to shout from that that I again receive it, it your letter and my mood.
After... I go home to my mum and it really simply is pleasant for knowing, that who that waits for you, and I have rest after the difficult working day
I stir with mum or together cheerfully we prepare to eat, we watch TV and very often we have visitors...
My mum has good friends, simply remarkable friends. Recently, I have started to think of the dream,
of family. I would like it about the beloved to the one to whom I could let all into the secrets,
to feel behind of it as behind of a stone wall. Among the Russian people really there are decent men, but the majority of them use a lot of alcohol!!!!
And only therefore I have started to think about Internet - acquaintance what to find
the person in other country. And I am very happy, that have met you, and I think, that you also are happy to our acquaintance. It seems to me,
that our acquaintance will develop in something much greater. I would like it between us, what is the feelings would be generated.
That I write, this all for me is very important, and I would like, that you would understand, only serious attitudes are necessary for me.
I very much wish to marry. I wish to meet after work of the husband to cook to its I food and to care of it. To me it is lonely one,
but now your letters became my sense in a life. But we should not hurry up in our feelings to not make a mistake.
And if we shall decide to connect our lives, we should consider all well. But for some reason it seems to me,
that if I shall be together with you, I shall never regret for this purpose. Oh, that I start to speak, and actually I speak simply the truth!!!
Dear ****** there is no I do not go to the cafe Internet. As I have computer and the house Internet. Do not endure about an age difference, as for me
it not a problem and when to it will not be. I can promise it to you. I very much want that my man was more senior me. Yes I sometimes happen in church,
but is very rare. If at me all is good, my mum only will be glad for me.
What do you do at leisure after work? I like to go after work to park and to observe the nature, to inhale fresh air. My girlfriends almost all have
already married, but sometimes we meet and we go together to cinema. I love comedies. And you? You love what kind of books? You are interested by a policy?
Sometimes I visit church, christianity, my religion, the belief in the god helps me to trust my forces. And how you concern to religion?
I very much sports also am love in the winter for me these are skis, and it is a bicycle in the summer. You are able to go by skis and a bicycle? It it to be pleasant to you?
My feelings with each letter to you become stronger, and it is more serious and it is pleasant for me. Therefore your letters of steel for me support,
and in your letters I find understanding. I very much would like, that sometime I have found love in your letters. It seems to me, that we of two vessel
in various coast of ocean and as soon as one vessel will arrive to coast another. I with impatience shall wait your letter.
I send you a kiss. Regina...

P.S. ****** I very much love to go in for sports and in the summer I to go by a bicycle, and in the winter on skis. You go in for sports? What you love?

HI my dear ******.
I am very happy to receive news from you again and again. I like to read your letters very much.
My friend, i want to tell to you, that today on a workplace me was not left ideas. And ideas was much. Each idea tried to overtake each other in mad race.
Or "YES" or " IS NOT PRESENT " you have written to me the answer. In such race of ideas simply sometimes you do not understand that do.
But to beat in bells already late. Likely, i think, that it is necessary to get used to this sensation.
That to you write from such big distance, and that two persons have found between them friendship. You did not have such feeling which was at me?
For many reasons: you had good formation - you are polite, friendly. Very sociable person seems to me that you! Dialogue does the person, more sensitive,
wiser and with the various approach by a life. When the person communicates, it really is very important, when it arrives forming character
of the person is learns, you study more deeply the person, behaviour, character, a way to speak and all - you search for kind heart?)))
Dear ****** my relations have ended about two years ago because of that that have betrayed me and have changed to me. Mum and the grandmother know
about you and they see that I with you communicate with pleasure. They very much would like that at all of us it was good and that we probably were
together and have established a happy family. All parents and grandmothers are always glad for the sons, daughters, grandsons and grand daughters when
they are happy and when they are fine. You with me agree? My purpose on the near future to establish a happy family. I very much hope that you as it
want and that at us with you all can turn out and at last that we can stop our searches of our happiness. You with me agree?
Today I have decided to do to me directly small holiday and to make to me directly tasty supper =), but it was not interesting to me that is it in
loneliness, I so would like to have a supper with you:) but I think, that it is not probable from that we we are while:
(it would seem to you, washing the food loved:) I have made to me directly tasty salad of vegetables, and have added some mushrooms in salad
(you love mushrooms?) to this dish the familiar cook from restaurant taught me, this steady dish at this restaurant,
nevertheless I have decided to shelter a pie, I very much love a sweet:) though it very much harms to a figure,
sometimes I allow me slightly is a sweet:) But I to think, when we meet, we only I shall not speak with each other,
but also and greater! I very much like to read your letters which they give a lot of pleasure to me.
With each your letter I understand more and more, that will gather. I already take our attitudes much more seriously.
My opinion, that the most important thing between the person and the woman is full confidence, I hate, when people lay and deceive each other.
As I consider in that moment of a life, we should accept conciliatory proposals, you see, that it is the important part of the attitude
between the person and the woman. You possibly think, that I am too serious, but I simply do not wish to make the wrong choice future husband.
During this moment my feelings to YOU already it is much more than friendship. I understand, that you are a person abuse.
Your words you write to me warm my soul and heart. So it is remarkable, that there is a person, is in this world to which I - am not indifferent.
It is pleasant for me to receive letters from you and feelings, which I thus I check to not pass words.
Possibly on it I shall finish and with greater impatience. I shall wait your following letter.
kiss. Regina...

P.S. Dear ****** here to you one more my video where I to go for a drive on a snowboard. It very much it to be pleasant to me, and it it to be pleasant to you? You tried it?

Hello darling ******!
What a happiness it is to hear from you. Thank you so much for the warm letters. Sometimes it happens, when you wake up in the morning and then things
seem to take some crazy direction. But it passes, one just needs to be patient, till the sun comes our from behind the clouds. You know, before,
when things went wrong at work, I use to come home and just take a hot bath, have a cup of hot chocolate and watch some good old comedy.
Dear ****** I not so often happen in church. At us in Russia as at you is not present such every Sunday to be in church. My name does not vary and at a
christening me called in the same way Regina. Yes you very much are pleasant to me also I very much I hope that at all of us it to turn out with you.
Yes an I can come on Нou Tube through a browser. I live with the mum. At me is not present either brothers, or sisters. My daddy has died three years ago.
You know that I work with children. At leisure I go to the country to the grandmother to help it on an economy. As I love to go in for sports and I very
much love to prepare different dishes.
And now I have so much more to take comfort from, I have you in my life, I can reread your letters. Just knowing that there are you on the other end
of the world, thinking of me too, makes my life so much happier. I am a very romantic person, cause for me the soul is the most important...the beauty
is given to you by the nature or by the age, but the soul is given to you by God, and that is the most important thing a human being posses.
In a relationship I am totally dedicated and I always treat the man next to me the same how I want to be treated.
I mean that lately, since we started writing, I've been sleeping such a sound sleep I haven't slept in years. In fact, I don't think I've had such a good
sleep ever since I was a child. I dream such magical, such colorful dreams, that it's so hard to wake up in the morning, returning back to the real world.
And I've begun to see you my dreams. ******, in my dreams you're so close to me, that I can feel the warmth of your body and the strength of your hands,
the softness or your lips? Seem as if our hearts are being as one and there's no such force that could become an obstacle between us.
I love romantic walks, holding hands and talk for hours, I love romantic dinners and I love the classical values. I am a very shy girl, I like very much
to read poetry and philosophy ( ancient greek philosopher and the scientist - Aristotle, Kant, etc.) and I would love to meet a good man who can change
my life. Sincerely I don t trust man because until now I don t find a man who can love me, and respect me for what I am, now only for my body.
All man look at me like to a sex machine, and I want to find a man who can look to my soul not only to my body! I want to start a new life,
a better life I want to have a family to have a home of my own and a man near me who can give me all the love in the world! I like my country,
but I want leave it because lawyers here are bad played and you don't have any future in this country… I want to meet a stranger man who can respect
for what I am not for how I look, and accept me the way I am, and who can make me happy, and with whom I can make a family. I want a true love in my life,
and if I meet a man I will go anywhere in the word with him...  If you think that you can love and respect me for what I am and if you think that you
can never lie to me then you are perfect for me and I would to meet you as soon as possible because I can feel that you are the right men for me.
I want to be recognized to you, that as soon as I have received your maiden letter it gave hope to me, that you are real !
The alone person, to whom I can talk frankly and to start new relationship. And now, when I receive each your new letter I is very happy.
That we find out one another better. I have conducted a lot of time thinking about you and now I want to inform it to you.
Now I do not know as I can think of you and who you for me.
At first I thought, that you it is simple penfriend.
But now I think differently.
Now you have taken a large place in my life.
Earlier I felt any vacuum in mine douche.
But since we have begun to write one another this vacuum began to peter.
"And now there there are only my thoughts about you and my hope for our love".
I hope it does not shock you and I think, what is it letter will help you to find out my feelings.
I really very strongly wish to know all about you!!!??? All what person and what nice you were the small guy, :) the boy! I often represent your person,
and in me that wakes up that native to you - and to your kind words. Whether I would like to know you loved football, whether you had sports what be
hobbies! Whether I would like to know you had good friends many! I would like to know all that that you love! All that of what you think!
All that of what you dream and wish!!! I very much wish to know all that than you are engaged after work as you spend time! As have a rest! As!
I have written in this letter really much?! Understand me correctly I wish to know you as it is possible is better!
I shall wait your words and your ideas, and now I should have a way home to mum. I as shall have the evening of the house.
Tomorrow I shall have again the work and all small kiddies. I shall see their fine smile and squeak of some shouts "Regina" so have got used to them...
sometimes simply I consider as their children.. And I very strongly love them. And in the evening after the work I shall have fine mood because again
I shall be there where there is we not the big world :)
I am looking forward for your reply...
I wish you a perfect day.
Always yours, Regina...

Hi my dear boy ******,
I was very glad to have the new letter from you today, I have some warmness inside, some kind feelings to you, it is makes me pleasure a lot and this
pleasure connected by the fact that we have found each other being so far. You are so nice and kind and it is real pleasure! With you I feel myself quiet,
I know, that I can rely on you, I completely trust you and I am sure, that such a person, as you will never hurt me. I think that the trust is one of
the most important parts of the human character when it is all about friendship or more. Ladies that work with me asked the question if something has
happened to me. They said that my behavior has changed. But I said that it is all just fine. Everything is the same. But after those words I felt like
if I lied. I know that I have changed. And I think that you make me change. May be I am wrong, I do not know yet. All I know is that I need your letters...
I think that Internet is a big achievement as people from two other ends of a planet can communicate with each other freely, that I have got acquainted
with such person as you already because of it only I should inform in Internet much gratitude. I am so happy, that we write each other and what to meet
such good person. I have received the letter from you, and the life for me has been filled by sense. I start to understand, that you are very good friend
for me, I see, that you are always honour with me and respect with me.
" Also what it means words of love for you? And I shall tell to you now, that it means for me ". There are various kinds of Love! Love which you have for
friends. And love which you have love which you have for your family for special person in your life. Yours sincere relatives the person. I should tell
to you from my heart from my ideas, that when I fall in love, I very much devote itself to that person. I shall support it, I shall protect it and I
SHALL LOVE it COMPLETELY. I can tell that I the person with the big soul, and with a greater heart which will not give in insult not whom. I never shall
be a deceit to it, or to deceive it, because when I love that special the man, it for ever and unconditionally. I am really tired to be one, I am valid
not an executioner's block the person! And I know that I deserve to be with whom that, to divide happiness in warm embraces. And in my family it will be
warm, tenderness, pleasure to each day. I never found this kind of LOVE but as I study more about you, i wish to be with you and anybody more, you think,
what I am strange to think this way, or whether really it is feeling, what we divide? I beleive, that you are a man, it is full of a life and love and
if it is given chance the correct person, never could would like, that someone has divided its life with. We should continue our dialogue though we
actually become closer every day, I think that you too feel these not greater, steps, I think that you read my words and always smile. Because I feel
the same when I see your words, attention, ideas. And at all this I gradually start to feel heat on all body, beginning from the tips of fingers also
I feel heat on the breast, probably I start to go mad.
Dear ****** do not endure all that have endured that. I think that we should deserve more. Unless you with me do not agree? And I will not allow to
you to become the monk as I very much hope that we will be together. I one already more than two years after have betrayed me.
Whether I don't know will it be interesting to you about that as I have left the former the guy, but I should share with someone cause I'm very much
suffer from it. Once in the evening when I came back from work I have gone to cafe to have a bite (though I and myself very much like to cook),
there I have seen the guy with the former schoolmate though he has told to me that have gone to parents to village. They had sat cheerfully talking.
I have decided not to approach and observe them at once. After a while he started her to kiss I has not sustained and has escaped.
After some shock I have called the former schoolmate to find out details. To my huge surprise she began to tell about the guy with which there are
4 months (we did not communicate with her about one year), what he good, remarkable and etc. There was my guy which simultaneously with me was met
and with her. She and I didn't suspect at all about existence each other. We have decided to come him and send him far away, that we have made.
After that I had depression about two months, I could not trust nobody. After that case I began to get more cautiously acquaintances,
being afraid of treachery.
I think, that we should not have secrets from each other, especially now. We should trust each other.
Forgive for that that I finish the letter on such sad note But I am very tired on work and very much would like to have a rest.
Bye-bye,kiss you.
Your Regina...

Hello my dear ****** you always in my ideas and always on my eyes.
It is interesting, where you my dear - today? =)
It is interesting, by which you do right now.=)
I hope, that you have a good head, and it as relations with you!
=) My dear how are you doing?
=), What news in you?
I am happy to read again your letter, your long-awaited letter. I wish to tell to you, that I during time wait all the day long for your letters.
As your letters it is valid to draw my day only the brightest paints. Even to me, that seems, if I do not read your letter all next day
I cannot think that from this. Though and thus I always think of you.
I receive your letters and pleasant words, I really wish to know more about you! I really wish to see and understand you, to feel you...
Tell please more about itself... Open feelings and display with..., I wish it the road ****** I, only I ask to speak more about me directly =)???!!!
I would like to know, where you, I wish to know, that you do, I demand so much in you a mine ******, we will divide all,
We will be favourite in a life, and we will be the best friends as we should be.
Again I come more close till the end of the letter to you, it is a pity to me, that I so am far, it is a pity to me, that we not nearby.
I wish for you good day, Please write to me, All my dreams will be tonight, have yours tomorrow, and we will be together.
With many Embraces and very many kisses, a kind mine of night or day ******, yours Regina.
****** and Regina for ever. Also I wait for your photos. As I really would like to see all of them more....

P.S. Dear ****** I send you a photo and video of that as I went for a drive on a water board on water. As I told I love all kinds of sports.
And you when be tried it?

Since the morning I had fine mood...
And as today there was a lot of work and all this time I thought of you and about us, yes I still time shall repeat I thought of us and all that can be between us!!!
And now at present, when usually after the work I already for a long time lay in the bed... Also I represent that that you read my letter and I as
I represent as you smile... And for that moment I cannot simply calm down, I shall fill to turn and as to smile =) sometimes there is such feeling
As though you are beside with me. But this day I simply should come late to the Internet library.. Therefore as I have no dream,
All my dream it you dear ******. I as understand that it really not a dream and I do not know as it can name to be a miracle?!
You have really turned to me a head, yes, yes, really it was made by you =)!!!! Also that to me now to do probably I should wait till the morning and I
All I shall understand.. I know you me very well understand, because also I perfectly understand you and I feel that about what you think!
I only wish to tell that that we are really intended for each other!!!
I feel it all body heart soul!!!
I actually very much want that we were pair and on much more than ourselves we think also I trust, because I see and I represent also go mad....
I as understand and I feel that you the person in which sings a song and it strongly disturbs me, therefore as well as my soul plays the same melody..
I did not speak you, but I always re-read your letters and now I understand that that I them know by heart I them have learnt and I can tell only that that it
Also there is that song.... Which plays between us...
And we need to think and decide to be as us, we have found each other, but we should be happy and we shall be very happy when we shall meet each other...
We shall think, we shall solve also we all we shall think up... We shall meet!!!!
Dear loved ****** I shall go home, I shall think of you, I shall be near to you.
And I as very much want when you will read this letter I simply I dream that also you felt my presence.
My eyes are closed but I all do not wish to leave from here....
Dear ****** I can ask to write you to me the full information? This your full name, your full address and your full number of a mobile phone?
Dear ****** my holiday will be where that numbers on July, 10th and I would be very glad to arrive to you. What you on it will tell?
You would like it? I simply yet do not know that for this purpose will be necessary and how many it is all will cost. Is not present at me
there is no passport as it already left working life. I am am frightened by those that all it will be expensive also I cannot then itself to arrive to you.
The photos send me please....
I shall be only with you.

P.S. ****** as you have understood I love fishing. I was on fishing three times and all these three times was on the nature
with the great pleasure. You love fishing?

Hello my dear ******.
My day not insistently differed today since all other days as I was happy seeing which profits to me your letter actually only
Your words and ideas give me these forces, and smiles to my person.
I wished to be silent because I was afraid to remove you, but I cannot. Than sensation of established allow, it will be better, instead of hidden deeply in
Directly - then they would not have a sense …
Dear my ****** I asked you that you have written me the full information. What to you it was difficult for making for me? I asked you your full
name, your full address and your full number of a mobile phone. You will write it to me or not?
And to me that you for me completely especial, I love you, would be desirable to tell only. You know, strong, the passion can be that, whether
The feeling of love is familiar to you? Whether you will give me hope of reciprocity which I at all do not demand though I should wish.
But, concerning me to be assured, whether you consider my recognition with irony, a sneer, in this case it would put me a pain …
Understand me, understand my words which cannot limit. Whether you will deny, that relations between us are unimaginable, whether will begin to
Object all above written, anyway I cannot agree with it. Whether you believe in the mystical law of events, what all in our world not carelessly?
And, whether you believe what occurrence with us is frequent out of usual understanding of the validity? If not probably to limit words
Love violently torn outside, to resist which in forces? I would like to understand you, and, it seems to me, I would consult, … Trust, to me it was
Very difficult to make this step of the first. Not because I fluctuate feelings but because I was afraid.
I am afraid, that you will remove me from you directly because you are very expensive to me. As I became loving you. I even sometimes represented
You and I sitting together in park and speaking with each other. I thought, as you consider, to which I will tell to you about feelings.
I thought, that if we should make face to face, it would be much easier. No, it most possibly is probable not easier. If I have decided to make it me at last
There would be also you waited, that that will tell and waited, waited for a recognition from you. Possibly would try to hint you anyhow.
But however I would wait. And now it to make easier though and not, thus it is simple. I hope, that you will understand me, will understand my feelings to you.
My dear my favourite, my heart has been very excited, when I have read your words in which you show all feelings to me. Which we when did not feel and now I am valid
Know feelings, that I wish to be only with you. Our liking is strong feeling on the basis and the god has given us such gift when we have
Acquainted and I think what not to develop our liking it simply crime for both of us... I know that you the mature and qualified person, expensive favourite,
But my words as are real just as my feelings to you, and it is all is noticed by the god who is the truth... YOU INSISTENTLY LIKE I...
I never felt anything similar to other men, I know, that the god has given me such chance and has placed you during my life, and I became the happiest on light.
My life was heavy and there were many problems with men who were in my life which spoke that, love me, but these are all were a deceit and thus my life has
Transformed, that I meet you and we fall in love each other though we are divided by such huge distance, but I know, that this kind of love - strong feeling and
Will last till the end of days.
I know, that you would make all this to make me the happiest woman on the basis when we can be together. I trust sincerely to all your words which you
Speak in letters with me because I trust you, unlike which as I did not trust anybody to the person. The god has given me a gift, it has given me you, and you have
The best gift presented me - your feelings, and we will be as unit, our hearts will struggle equally in one rhythm. You are necessary for me more with
Every minute and with impatience I wait for your letters, your words of love, and I hope, that everything, that we will conceive, will not be a fairy tale, and will be
Easily be executed actually we love ach another and all problems to us not a barrier. It does not depend on it, that I can, always happen, love
You and I will be always true for you.
We wish to meet and concerning us it to make. I will be in the disorder, if I when which I will see, that you leave from the plane.
And I am really ready to spend time with you. I think, that we could study each other better in a stream of several weeks.
Also could spend this time together, the word "together" is a lot of means for us.
And to study the most confidential who we for each other and as we feel about the friend to the friend. I consider it very important.
you should hold care of me therefore as I will be there one and you in your relatives of the country for me.
I not when was not while from the house. And I should not remain one, possibly I should be so I with you on work, and could to care of you.
As you think, how it will be better? I think, as you can visit me, and it would be much easier. But my parents and relatives will understand me
Not correctly, therefore as it is available some opinion concerning second half meetings. The girl should be in a family of the guy!!!
I know, that we do not have any problems, and we only should discuss and solve everything as we can see each other.
I think that month for us, it would be fine to spend time together..., whether I Will distract you from your work and affairs???
I as think, that all trip will borrow expenses of means, for preparation of simple documents.
We could rescue means to see each other? Also it is a steady question because we are divided with distance.
And We can subordinate it only when we will move to discuss, and to study as it probably to make more quickly.
I am grateful for us to wander in the world each other so softly and unexpectedly. The nature has given to all of us in our hearts, and has joined them somewhat,
Never the imaginable. I want, which you knew, that from depths of my heart, I love you.
I wish more than something, that you and I could grow nearby, love together, to study together, and to laugh together.
I sincerely feel, that between two of us, we are similar to love which some people never receive chance to check up.
I promise to love you so, how many it will be necessary. And you should know it, that for me it is very important, that you knew it,
That you - my guy who always will be a part me.
I love you mine ****** and only you.
With love, yours for ever Regina.
I wish to receive your big answer, the big letter and as I wish to know all your ideas concerning our meetings!

P.S. ****** I send you my video where I ride to Georosculator. Do you know what it is? I try the first time to ride it and it did not turn out badly for me.

Hello my love ******. It was good day when I have received the letter
from you, I thank the God, and I know, that I have found the person
whom call ******  I love you.
Dear my ****** I and have not seen from you what the information which I ask from you in each letter. Why? What so it is difficult to you unless to
make it for me? I understand that have deceived you, but and here I? You will help me to arrive to you that we with you together could create happy pair,
a family? I very much would want it.
I grieve without you ******. I am happy with an opportunity to meet you soon, and I want it very much, I think, that you want it also,
your words were a ray of light in my life. As you know, that I have not been interested moving to other country, but I shall do it, and only because
I have found my love, and it - you ******!!! I really very strongly experience on this question and simply I can not find to myself a place.
I know that you like me as it is strong as I like you. For all time of our dialogue our hearts of steel as a single whole and that cannot separate them.
In fact feelings which we test are the strong feeling on the ground. Today I was in agency and to me all have in detail explained. I have learned about
the information for my arrival on you, my dear loved  ****** when the manager cost of documents has told to me.
There informed me, that this year it became much more difficult enter your country and to receive the visa as, the your country are included into the strict
control and the list of distribution of documents. The check of embassy and very much to many people it is not capable to receive such opportunity. My
achievement requires you the international passport, the visa and medical insurance. Dear my loved ****** I called in Moscow in Embassy.
My ****** the tourist visa is valid one year well to me have told if you want for three years you will need to pay in addition. I did not specify what sum,
but I tell you all that that I knew. On this type of the visa i can i shall travel up
to   the  your country without any restriction. The price of this visa-350 US dollars.
I shall be should reserve the passport for travel abroad and do documents for
registration of the visa in Moscow. Dear ****** 350 US dollars will cost my visa, my the passport, my the insurance.  As I still will need to go to Moscow in
embassy of your country to receive there the visa and still to pay the small sum for the help of tourist agency as the big work to make they.
If someone wished to marry the to drive in the country it was possible or under the tourist visa,
or to register marriage abroad.
My dear ******, i want it, we shall be together, and i do not want to lose you. Dear my ****** my registration of the visa will occupy about 1 Week.
You could while to take in advance holiday approximately in a
month or little bit more if we shall plan our meeting in the near future.
Your words have simply given me a new life. And you of words heat my heart. but understand me I when was not in your country and I wish to visit you,
simple understand, what is it my DREAM! I wish to be with you,
I wish to give you all love, all caress, that I so long protected all for that unique person and this person YOU!!!! My heart is simply broken off
I cannot wait, I do not wish to wait, I wish to be with you! You have given me that drink
of air which to me were strongly necessary. My passion to you when did not cease, she only inflamed with even more in each afternoon. As we can overcome
this all, really your words, your support now are necessary to me. I really understand that I cannot make all itself also understand me correctly,
that your support during this difficult moment is necessary to me.
I so want to be finer with you! I grieve without you! And i shall not be afraid to speak you... I would like to introduce you all my love and a life,
only to you, to you one, m.? Love ******, all my heart and soul! My dear
loved ****** that to me to do, I in the big confusion and am simple on me many
ideas... What to me to do??? I only today wish to receive from you the answer...
I really would like to plan all...
At all I do not know how to act in such situation. I shall wait for
your answer with impatience. Kiss you Regina.

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun ******!!!!!!!!
Lovely ******, I am very grateful to you for letters your gentle and
full of love. I very much miss you and is glad to receive yours the
Love my ****** I will answer you fairly and the truth, but it does not
mean that I the swindler or I deceive you. I have not thought of that
that will be necessary so many money. Is not present at me there is no
so much money. I very much wish to be with you. But as I understand at
us leaves nothing because of that that neither you nor I cannot help
each other. But if such exit. You can arrive itself to me to Russia
and be convinced that I not the swindler and that I really I exist.
Everyone in life has two strips, black and white, the period of
failures is it black, white - happiness and love. After I have met you
that in my life there was only a white strip. I feel perfectly because
I feel your love. I want to be with you, I want to kiss and make love.
I for ever yours and only yours ******. You for me the closest person.
Same close as mum and the grandmother, prevents us will be together
distance but I know that it very soon happen and I shall meet you. You
the person which have presented me the most fine feeling - love, I
adore you for it and I would want that we always were together, that
we would be always full of passion and that our kisses would warm us
each minute. I am happy because that I have you, you are dear to me, I
feel that we are created one for another and the destiny has prepared
us for test as distance but I hope that we shall overcome it.
Everyone in this world has happiness. The main thing to find it. I
have found the happiness and the love.
IT YOU ******!!!!!!!
I love you and I shall love always.
You for ever in my heart.
Your loving and gentle Regina.

Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun ******!!!!!
****** I so am glad to receive your letter.
I very miss your letters when I at home or on work. When I go on
Dear my ****** I with the great pleasure would arrive to you and was
with you but as I understand you not so it want. As you understand at
me there is no money for tickets. I can find money for your documents
and all. If my mum or the grandmother could help to arrive to me to
you and to be with you they would make it for a long time already but
as they cannot help me with it they and are not able to do it. You
understand it or not? I have offered you a good variant and it that I
have paid all documents and the visa, and you simply took and have
paid online my tickets aboard the plane and you of anything had not to
me to send. What will you tell to me on it? Still such at me to you a
question. You in general when will write me the full information, this
your full name, your full address and yours full number of a mobile
Also it would be necessary to wait what to come and receive your letter.
****** I think of you, about our meeting, about that as we shall enjoy
our love together. As our hearts, our love, our passion passion and
tenderness will make us happy. We can touch one another and talk.
We can feel and caress. To make love and enjoy to it. We today had sun
but weather there was cool because a cold wind and only your letter
warm me, my heart.
I love you ******!!!!!!
I send you the most gentle and sweet kisses. I hope that they will
come to you together with my letter.
I love you and I want to be only with you.
You my prince and man of my dreams, I love only you ******!!!!
Your loving and gentle Regina.

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun ******!!!!
****** I very much miss you all day and is very glad when I receive
your letter.
Dear my ****** as I understand you is ready to help to arrive to me to
you. I am right? I correctly understand all? I need to make all my
documents and the visa to arrive to you, and you to me will buy my
tickets aboard the plane online. I am right? It will not be necessary
any more what money that I could be with you? I simply worry and I do
not want what problems.
I with impatience wait for our meeting and I hope that it soon happen.
I very much want to be with you. Today I prepared for supper of a
house and thought as it would be good if you too could try that that I
have made. I cooking soup from meat, beet, carrots, an onions and
other spices. It name to Borsch, ****** you heard about it? I think
that this most well-known dish in Russia after pel'menis and pancakes.
As I was going on the second mashed potatoes with a cutlet and roast.
I have cooked compote from dried apples with sugar and was very tasty.
I so would like that you have tried my dishes and could estimate their
taste and I would think that was pleasant to you. I like to prepare
and I adore to prepare for delicacies, for example a pizza, pies, a
shish kebab and many other things. I name their delicacies because not
so frequently for them cooking.
****** I very much would want to stand on kitchen and feel as you
embrace me, kiss, touch my hips help me to be going, you would help
me? I hope what yes. I with impatience wait for your letter. I hope
that your today's dream will be fine also you as well as I will see in
the dream a fine meeting of us with you.
I love you,
Yours and only yours Regina.

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun ****** !!!!!!!
I am glad to your letter. I ADORE YOU!!!!!!! I for ever yours ******!!!!
Love my ****** I wish to tell to you that you are not right. Now I need
350 US dollars on that to pay all my documents and the visa. Tickets
as to me have told will cost in both parties about 2000 US dollars.
All that I need to arrive to you and to be with you at least 6 months.
As to me have told the first visa give usually for three years. If we
with you get married, I will not need to leave the country and I can
be with you and we with you together can submit documents. I know
English language well and will not be what problems with work or than
or so you do not worry about it. Yes are necessary there will be
money, but not at once both I as will work also we together we will
make all that at all of us it has turned out and that we were together
happy on always. Unless I am not right? So you will help me or not? I
so to the wife understand why you have not written me till now the
full information. To you that is difficult to make it for me?
****** I want to speak with you about much. At me it is a lot of dream
connect with ours with you the general life. It is very interesting to
me, you like dreams in which we with you together? You would would
like that they began a reality? Who knows those their your friends or
relatives about our meeting? They are pleased? My mum and my
girlfriends we shall be very glad that with you together. That ours
lifes have met you also we can enjoy this fine feeling soon. They are
glad that I have met the person at which to me serious relations and
intentions. They very much love you. I want to be with you,******,  I
feel perfectly after have learned you. I want to be obedient and
gentle, my grandmother asked me that I want to make and that we shall
make together. I have told that I want to support in all you to love
and enjoy love and she having smiled have told that I really am in
love also her this feeling is known. She very much would want to test
it once again but the grandfather and has left also she can not forget
it never.
I want to be with you, I want to love you, I want to enjoy our
tenderness, I want to give love and caress to you and I want care
about you and to feel your love in a reality. I think that you my love
and I want to be with you for ever. ******,  you my destiny!!!!!
I want to hear more your dreams, I want to know that you think also I
want to kiss you now and to be in your gentle embraces.
I with impatience wait when it happen.
I love you ******!
Yours and only your loving Regina.

Hello My Lovely man And My Sun ******!!!!!!!
******, I am glad to receive your letter. They as beams of the sun
which shine  me. Your letter warms me and makes me happy.
The love my ****** I is very glad that you will help me. Tell when it
will be? Here to you my bank requisites:
Beneficiary account number: 40817840209530000008
Beneficiary: Khusainova Regina Rinatovna
Beneficiary ` s bank: AO «ALFA-BANK», 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
Correspondent bank: CITIBANK NA, 399 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10043, USA
Correspondent SWIFT: CITIUS33
Account with correspondent bank number: 36310481.
I would be glad if you have remitted money through the Western Union
and it would be on much faster. Unless you with me do not agree?
******, I feel that I can not without you. I can not feel like
normally. You are far also each minute I want to be with you. I think
of you. Especially difficultly at night. So it would be desirable to
be with you ******. It would be desirable to see as you you smile, as
you enjoy supper which I were going. It would be desirable feel your
love. It would be desirable to feel your tenderness. It would be
desirable to feel your love. When I wake up in the morning, I want to
embrace you to sit on you and to make to you massage, I would like to
kiss you. To kiss while you you will not wake up and you will not
embrace me. You will be excited yet and we shall start to make love.
I want to be with you, the passion and love, tenderness and caress,
feelings and emotions which are saved in my heart not give to me to
sleep. ******, I fall asleep with dream about that that we together. I
wake up with ideas that we together. I prepare for supper, I prepare
for breakfast, I prepare for dinner, it would would be desirable that
you tried that that I was going. I do not know as to describe that
that with me occurs. I simply can not present the life without you. I
do not know as I lived earlier,
****** me it would be very bad if you have left me one now. But I
believe that we will met soon. That we soon shall together.
I love you and I wait for your letter.
Yours and only your loving Regina.

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