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Elena <>
« on: May 28, 2019, 07:53:08 AM »
Name: Elena
Age: 29
City: Tobolsk, Russia

Ich hoffe, dich nicht abzulenken.
Ich heiße elena Ich bin ein Militärpolizist. Ich suche einen Mann für eine ernsthafte Beziehung.
Also bin ich zur Heiratsagentur unserer Stadt gegangen, wo ich deine E-Mail-Adresse bekommen habe.
Und so habe ich beschlossen, dir zu schreiben. Ich hoffe, Sie sind nicht gegen unsere Bekanntschaft. Aber wenn Sie keine Lust haben, mit mir zu kommunizieren, sollten Sie mir nicht schreiben.
Ich möchte meine Arbeit nicht riskieren. Für mich ist der Ruf eines Militäroffiziers wichtiger.
Wenn Sie mir nicht antworten, werde ich verstehen, dass Sie nicht an einer Kommunikation mit mir interessiert sind und ich Sie nicht stören werde.
Aber ich möchte versuchen, eine Beziehung mit Ihnen aufzubauen. Wenn Sie sich dazu entschließen, mir zu schreiben, senden Sie mir Ihr Foto. Ich möchte wissen, wie du aussiehst.
Ich werde auf Ihre Antwort warten.

Hello ******!
I'm glad you answered me. Now we can continue our acquaintance. This is my first meeting with a man on the Internet and I am very worried. It’s a pity I can’t let you drink wine while I’m writing you a letter. =))) At work you can’t!
I understand that for you an ordinary peaceful man wants to talk on the phone and social networks! I work in the police and I do not have Vriant to communicate in skype and facebook and other social networks. We have such a law that a soldier should not use gadgets during service, if you are interested here read.
I can call, but not now, I have to make sure that I will risk calls with good reason. At the moment I can only communicate by email.
It is very hard for me to find a man. I work in the police. And in my environment a lot of men. But I need a man not related to the army or the war. And besides these men, I hardly see anyone. Therefore, it is very difficult for me to find someone.
My name is Elena. But you can call me Helen or Lenna.
I am a free, sociable girl, and I am looking for a serious man. The Internet is an affordable and convenient way to meet new people. Especially since my closed profession !!!
I will write you more about myself. I am 29 years old, my height is 171 cm, and my weight is 58 kg. Hope you are not afraid of our age difference.
I have golden hair and gray eyes! I have no bad habits, but sometimes on holidays I can afford to drink alcohol.
Or maybe smoking hookah with colleagues, after the "bloody week". If you don’t get scared, I can explain everything later.
I have never been married and I have no children. Do you have children ? I love children and I think that children are the flowers of life. But for such a step you need a good partner and a quiet life.
I was born in Russia, in the city of Tobolsk. A city with a population of 98,000 thousand people.
Tobolsk is located in Tyumen area. If you're curious, then you can look at Google maps where my city is located.
At the moment, I live there. I understand that there is a great distance between us. But I do not see any problems for communication.
With the help of the Internet, we can better know each other. Perhaps we have something in the future.
******, I want to know more about you and your life. What can you tell about your city? I would be curious to know more about you!
I hope you will answer me soon. I will be pleased and curious to receive your letter! Now I would like to know more about you.
I send you my photos. Hope you like them. I want to see your current photos. Do not forget to send them. Ok?
Sincerely. Lenna.

Ohhhh, Hello ******!!
I am very pleased with your letter and glad that we can continue our acquaintance with you.
I am very pleased that you have told me more about yourself. This is a big step towards continuing our acquaintance.
I hope that our acquaintance will develop.
I was surprised when I read your letter. You work several jobs. It's very difficult. I understand you're helping your father, but you're not in a very good relationship.
I'm sorry you had such a relationship with your father. Maybe he wanted to Express his love so much, he just couldn't do it any other way. Well, I can't really talk about it. I don't know the whole situation.
But you did good, despite his bad treatment of you, you're not leaving him in the lurch. You're very responsible, I'm glad I met you. You make me feel warm and kind.
Thank you that you treat me sincerely and you can trust me. I'm very pleased.
The situation with your parents and your family is clear to me. I'm sorry about what happened in your life. But maybe I can give you the love you're missing. How far do you think our relationship can go?
I still can not imagine what will happen to our communication. But one thing I do know. I want to keep in touch with you. And based on how we will communicate with you, our hearts will tell us what to do next.
I was glad to hear your offer to come to you. But I think it's too early to talk about the meeting. After all, we hardly even know you. We need to get to know each other. Then we can talk about the meeting. And I would like to say at once that our meeting can not take place on my territory. It's very dangerous for me. No one has to know that I'm dealing with a foreigner, or I could be court-martialed and face prison.
******, I'll tell you a little about my work. ******,now I write to you from a working computer. I have free time when the squad leader is not around! 
If my commander sees that I communicate with someone by E-mail, and especially with the foreign man - that there can be problems.
 I will not go into the details of the punishment - but we must try to avoid it. So you both need to enable agent James bond 007 - if you want to continue to chat!
During these two years of service in “Police” I was able to find a lot of loyal and reliable friends!
Honestly, I don't want to have any trouble because of this! Therefore, if I do not write to you for a long time, it means that I am doing my duty or patrolling the streets!
Or they went out with a task force to commit a crime. Don't lose me! As I have time I will immediately write to you! Ok!?
I was very interested to learn something new about you. I'm new to dealing with a foreign man! I've never had such connections before! Now I'd like to know more about you.
 How do you spend your weekdays? How do you spend your free time? What do you do? What are you doing at your job? What is your mentality?
 how do you feel about girls in uniform? how do you treat the defenders of the law?
I like my job, I've always loved helping other people! About 2 years I was on the border of Ukraine.
And then the situation calmed down a bit and we were sent to our cities. Here I got a job Police and here I have been working for about 2 years.
But fuck - over 4 years our group was given a 1 day vacation!!! And I was starting to boil. Not was quite personal life, only work and blood.
Now I decided to do a little myself and successfully met you.
I want to forget the nightmare with Ukraine, because we went against our relatives. And I want to forget the nightmare of local crime. ****** if you're curious, I can tell you more about it.
But it is better to switch to something positive.
****** , I want to tell you that I can not always answer you in time. Because my old PC is broken.
I am writing to you from the working computer when I have free time, when there is no commander!
If my commander will see that I am communicating with someone via email especially with foreign man I will face a Tribunal!!
I could be accused of espionage and it's not a joke ! If my friend Olga, can you cover me because we have a good rapport with her. But I haven't told you about you yet.
But I wouldn't want to have any trouble about it ! So if I don't answer you for a long time, don't lose me. 
I would also like to know more about your work. How long have you been working?
I don't think there's any point in talking about looks. You see everything perfectly in the photos.
These photos I took at work and I'm in my uniform. What do you think of my photos?
Do you like girls in uniform ?:) Many people are surprised when they find out who I work for. Are you surprised by my work ?:) You are not afraid ?:)
Ready to take my orders? :) of course it's all jokes - but sometimes people are afraid of my work...
In fact, I'm just as fragile a girl as the rest of the girls... and I also want love and affection !
****** if you have something you want to ask me, then ask me... I'll be glad to hear your questions!
I hope that you will read my letter carefully and answer my questions. It's very important to me.
I'll be waiting for your letter .
With respect.

******, I am very pleased to receive your letter again.
I am very glad that you continue to communicate with me. I would like our communication with you to continue.
I really like to constantly learn something new about you.
I was pleased that you said you posed for me. For me, no one did this before. But when I flipped through all the messages, I did not see your photo. What could happen? Maybe they did not go? I hope you correct this error and send me a photo.
I’ve told you about Facebook and other social networks. In the last letters I explained everything to you. I told you that I can not use social networks, especially video chat. I am writing to you from a working computer. There should not be installed any application. Questions will immediately appear to me, why and why do I need this. And if there is a check and they see who I'm talking to here. I will immediately be sent handcuffed to court. So I can only communicate by email.
Answering your first question "do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?" I believe in God and I treat it normally. I'm from a Christian family. From childhood I was taught to such a religion.
Now the second question. Of course, I can’t tell you exactly what kind of woman I am, because everyone has different tastes. But I think I'm a pretty sexy girl. About sex, I am not ready to tell you something yet, I hesitate to say that. You have to understand me. I can't tell everyone about my life. For this you need a person to whom I can fully trust. Sorry if something is wrong.
You said you were doing a great massage? I love massage so much, especially after a hard day’s work. It is simply bliss. Can you do something like a massage? I'll be very grateful.
******, I think you are curious about my family. But I have almost no one, I only have a grandfather.
He is 64 years old ... and he is old, Russian school, UHHHHH! Only I can come to him for wise advice! Only in his words, I have no doubt.
I am very grateful to him for everything! I was raised by my mother. But she died 7 years ago. I also had a grandmother. Grandma died of cancer when I was 9 years old.
I hardly remember my grandmother ... I only remember her excessive love for me ... warm pastries from the oven and bedtime stories ...
My father ran away from family when I was 3 years old. I do not even know who my father is and with whom he lives. I don't even want to know him.
He left my mother in difficult years. And only grandmother and grandfather supported us! I do not have a fatherly upbringing and now I miss this in life.
******, I want my man to be able to replace my father ... brother ... and uncle - in one person. But are there any men who can replace someone?
I graduated 11 grades at school, then entered the law college. Then I became a cadet police service.
After that, I began to attend additional English courses. Do you know English?
My mother and grandmother were good people. They gave me everything they could, for me they were ready for anything.
I feel very sorry for them ... but the past is no longer to be returned. They will always remain in my memory. Now I have only grandfather and I treasure him!
I also have acquaintances and friends with whom I spend my free time. There are no many true friends in life.
Best friends choose time. I have a girlfriend who always supports me and helps me. Her name is Olga.
Only I can completely trust her. Share all my secrets. I can speak openly with her ... I know that she will understand me.
We know her from a young age. We studied with her in the same class. Then we studied together in college and graduated cadets together.
She was afraid to go to Ukraine. She had many relatives there, she could not stand against them.
I understand her and this did not prevent us to remain friends anyway. After all, as she said - imagine you are standing against your only grandfather. Against each other with weapons.
Then I understood her decision not to go to the border. And this understanding has kept our friendship.
****** forgive me for writing a lot of personal to you. I think this is an indication that I am serious with you!
I also hope that you will not have any secrets from me. I want to know more about your family. You have friends?
I hope that our communication will bring us new emotions and positive mood. I want to see your photos.
I am sending you some photos. There is the past time of Ukraine and the cadet school.
I look forward to your reply!
Lenna .

Hello ******!
How do you ? What is your mood? Today I have a great mood. And communication with you brings me even more joy!
Nice to find a common language with a man who is a few thousand kilometers! A double sensation appears. We are so far away - but I feel some kind of closeness and warmth.
Answering your question when can I visit you? Now it will be difficult for me to answer this question. I think it's too early for us to talk about our meeting with you. After all, we still so little know each other. I'm not ready for this turn of events. Another problem with my arrival to you, this is work. After all, with my work it is not so easy. I have to do a lot of work. Make it all secretly, without unnecessary eyes. After all, the fact that I'm going to you, no one should know.
Did you ask me about Skype or Facebook? I do not sit in such social networks. Since I can sit on the Internet, only from a working computer. My home computer is broken. On our working laptop you can not install any applications. It will immediately be questions to me. And if they see that I spoke with you there, then they can immediately send me to the prison.
I am very sad that you did not tell about your relatives! I hope that in the next letter you will answer my questions.
I want to know more about your relatives and friends .. Maybe you do not want to talk to me about it now. I hope that in the future you will write to me about your loved ones!
******, I’m curious if you write more about your hobbies. What kind of sport do you like? What kind of music do you listen to?
What movie genres do you like? Do you like to read books?
I really like the old Stallone movie “Judge Dredd”. You must remember this movie. I associate me with his hero.
Sometimes going to work, I remember the words - I, am the law! =) It gives me strength and confidence, it's a pity that I just do not have such a flying motorcycle.
Only a bicycle. At least the nuts will be in shape ... (^_^)
I love an active lifestyle, and I can not sit on the couch with folded arms! I like to ride a bike.
In the summer on a working day I can travel 20 km, and on weekends 35 km! I also like to go to the pool.
Swimming is very useful for the body, it is attended by all muscle groups! And I love to go to the gym.
And the next day, to feel muscle pain. This is the best pain that is! :) ******, as you already understand, I try to keep myself in good shape :))
****** , I like to read books. I mainly read books on psychology and the criminal code.
With my profession it is very important to have a stable psyche and ability to manage your emotions.
I listen to music by mood. Sometimes I want to listen to calm and soothing music. And sometimes you want to listen to rock!
For example, I like to listen to groups - Rammstein, Nirvana, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Evanescence. I think you know such performers.
 In his youth, Russian performer Decl listened - but not so long ago he died and left an imprint on my memory. = (He was young.
From films I like to watch documentaries .. horrors .. comedies .. romantic films .. fiction and series.
For example, I really like to watch the series "The walking dead", I have already seen 4 seasons. This is an American film about the walking dead :))
I also love the movie "Terminator". It may be a bit strange for you, but I love this movie. I reviewed all the parts several times, and will not stop to be surprised at him.
When you watch it, you think about how I would live this life in the place of Sarah Connor? What would I do in their situation? Very cool movie.
Now I am waiting for October 31, 2019. There will be a new part of "Terminator: Dark Fate". Looking forward to this movie.
I also like Di Caprio movies. And recently he got his first Oscar =). We enjoyed this event with the entire Policia branch.
 Of course, only the female composition was so worried. But we were pleased.
******, like any other girl, I can cook. I just love cooking !! I especially like to cook dishes with meat .... mmmmmm, you can lick your fingers :))
 Perhaps in the future you will be able to taste what I cook! :) I think you have never tasted Russian cuisine.
I am not a fan of fast food so I eat only what I cook myself. From fast food people get fat very quickly. Especially girls =). And I do not want to once again get my bike. =)))).
******, Can you cook? What dishes do you like most?
I hope I don’t ask you too much ?? I want to know you better. I look forward to your reply.
It is also very important for me to know your attitude about religion. Are you a religionist or atheist? I don't want any barriers between us.
 I want to know every cell of your thinking.
Lenna "Dredd" from distant Tobolsk ...

Hello my friend ****** !
I hope you're all right?
I'm great! I am very glad that I can read your letter again.
I already told you that I can not use social networks. For me it is very dangerous. Re-read our correspondence, I even left you a link. The fact that I can not use. Read and understand me correctly.
Why did you ignore my questions? Are you interested in talking to me about interests?
But so we can never know each other better. I hope that in the next letter you will answer my questions.
******, I am very glad that we met with you.
It is easy and pleasant for me to communicate with you. Communicating with you gives me a lot of pleasant emotions.
I could not even imagine before that I would communicate with a person via the Internet.
And you brought me closer to you, that I even want to discuss religion. No wonder I asked you in the past letter. Because for me it is important and living in such a country, probably this can not be avoided.
 We recently bathed in ice holes in cold water. This is part of the tradition, part of the customs. And we were so raised that every winter we turn into “White Walkers”. I hope you understand my humor. =)
As you already know, I am looking for a serious relationship, new acquaintances and friends.
I tell you honestly, at first I treated our correspondence with disbelief.
I did not believe that a good person could be found on the Internet with whom I would be pleased to maintain communication.
 I thought that was just a game. Now I understand that I was wrong.
Now I can not imagine my daily routine without your letters. I think all the time if you will write to me today ???
It is a pity that I do not always have the opportunity to answer you immediately.
I look forward to the moment to check my mailbox. But nevertheless safety before the administration for me first of all.
I am extremely happy when I see your letter in my mailbox. I am very glad that you and I found a common language.
******, tell me, are you glad you met me? Do you rejoice when I write to you? I am very interested in how you feel about our correspondence? What do you think about me?
 What are your impressions about me ??? Have you had communication with the workers of the law? Prosecutors, or lawyers? Or maybe you have friends from mafia? =)))
******, you probably wonder what I think of you.
You are a cute, interesting man. Communicating with you, I realized that even in other countries you can find people like themselves. For a long time I did not communicate with anyone so openly.
******, tell me, did you tell anyone about our correspondence?
******, forgive me, but with this I would like to finish my letter of today.
I wish you a nice day.
I look forward to your letters.
I hope you will tell me many new and interesting things!
Lenna "Dredd".

Hello my dear ******!
How are you? What is new for you on this day? I'm sure that everything is fine :)
Having read your letter. To be honest, I was waiting for another answer from you. Why didn't you tell about your past relationships ??
You do not want me to know about your past relationships? Why? I am curious to know that.
When we share our thoughts with each other, it shows that we trust each other.
And what am I wondering, wouldn't it be a burden for you with my virginity? After all, different mentalities. It is important for me to know.
This is all echoes of my profession, I want specifics and confidence of my actions.
Or do you have other thoughts about it?
Why do you treat me like that? You have no interest to continue communication with me? You did not say how you treat me ?.
I understand that you need to warn your boss about your vacation. I have the same problems. And while the documents will be drawn up, it will take a lot of time. Therefore, you will have time to warn your boss. You have nothing to worry about. but now I think about our meeting. Do we need it? If you can't even tell me your thoughts about my virginity.
******, I think a lot about our acquaintance. How our relations will develop in the future.
What we will do next. About our trust in each other. I believe that we should trust each other.
And you and I should have no secrets. Do you agree with me? Of course there is a long distance between us and we communicate only via the Internet.
I have no bad intentions. And the more I will not deceive you.
I believe in God and I know that if I deceive, he will punish me.
Life is a boomerang! As you relate to people, people will relate to you.
If you do good, good will return to you. If you do evil, evil will return to you.
If you deceive people, then people will do the same to you. Therefore, I never wished evil!
Lying is the worst thing a person can do.
Better bitter truth than a sweet lie .... ******, do you agree with me?
My mom and grandma gave me such an upbringing and I cannot get away from these ideals that they brought up in me.
I have always been and will be sincere and honest with you! You can trust me and I will trust you too!
****** what do you think about our acquaintance? Did you imagine the further development of our relationship?
I want you to share your thoughts with me.
What do you think awaits us in the future? In my heart, I sincerely believe that happiness and joy await us in the future.
And the more I recognize you, the more I am sure of it. Tell me what you think about it?
******, I send you pictures again. Do you often look at them?
In this photo, we patrolled the streets in operation "drunk driver." This was in the fall before the school period.
I look forward to your letter and photos! I hope that your letter will soon fly back to me.
Your Lenna Dredd.

Hello most gentle bandolero, ****** !
I'm happy to open the mail and see your letter there.
Today I feel sad and lonely... But your words brought warmth to my heart.
I'm glad you heard me and my feelings. This is really a sensitive issue.
I don't want to be abandoned or betrayed by a man I'm related to. It's not right and it doesn't make a man.
******  I think only a frivolous person can break a girl's heart and play with her feelings.
If a man respects, then he should treat as he would like to be treated by his daughter.
 After all I, too, whose the daughter!
Though difficult life, but still. So try to be like this, if you and my daughter were like her fiancé.
I am pleased that you do not remain indifferent to me. You're not indifferent to me, are you?
My vacation will be 92 two days,it's three months. I'll go to the travel Agency, but there must also be safety.
We have a couple of travel agencies in town. And I can go there.
I want to hear what you're going to tell me, how to do it all neatly and safely for me.
I can tell you everything after I go and find out at the travel Agency.
If you want me to meet you so badly, I need all the data from your airport. And your phone number.
But I warn you, if you're not at the airport, I'll turn around and fly back. I will not tolerate such deceit and betrayal.
I'll be all alone in a foreign country. Where no one and nothing not knowing. Especially since I've never been this far away. And about what I get to you, so same no one will know.
I can't tell at work that I'm going to a beloved foreigner. I'll be burned at the stake as a witch for treason. ( It was a metaphor)
I say this to the fact that I will be immediately presented to the military court. And then there will be an end to my freedom and our meeting.
****** , after meeting you, I realized that something has changed in my life. Changed for the better.
I don't feel so alone anymore. Now I know you're waiting for my letters. You write me.
****** , I don't know how to describe this feeling. I'm afraid it's just an illusion...
 ****** , today I want to share a secret. I'm a little shy, but today I decided to make braces on my teeth. (0_0)
You're the reason. I want to be beautiful and change for the better. You want to wear stockings, lipstick and of course to wear heels!
Ohhhhh bitch... I like being your girl, I want you to drool on me. I want you to be proud of me, to be envied.
I'm interested in your friends and family. if I'm around you, if they know I'm police ,will they be jealous of you?
Or are their girls and wives as beautiful as me? I'm curious. I just want you to be proud of me. Always and in any company.
I want to learn how to kiss you with that iron thing in my mouth. (-_-)
I want to touch your hands. I want you to hold me and just be there for me.
 I just need to get out of my police barracks and be free. I can afford a vacation.
My happiness lives in my heart. My happiness even has a name, ****** !
You have no idea how I feel about you. I can't keep these feelings to myself anymore.
But I cannot until you until the end of open up and admit. I think rationally. I didn't see you, I didn't hug you.
Our lips did not even 1 touch. Our tongues were not entwined in passion. I kind of think I love you. But I can't say it.
Excuse. It's kind of weird for me. Chatting online, I don't even know your smell. The smell of your perfume. I can't say for sure.
******  you have to understand, I'm inexperienced and I want more confidence. But I didn't even feel that much emotion with my ex-boyfriend.
You're so real and I just can't believe it sometimes.
You're not afraid of my profession. You're not a pervert. you fight for us. You weren't scared of my virginity.
Fuck, are there still men like that? =DDD I'm shocked at you. You are my ideal today.
But it's all virtual. I want to test it in real life. I don't want to get burned. I don't want a broken heart. You know already.
I trust you more than anyone. I've decided for myself that you're the person I want to be around.
We can only transform these feelings into reality.
I want you to be my man and I want to be with you. ****** , we should think about trying a common future.
But I need to know, are you ready for something serious? It's just flirting for the officer is not interesting. Especially since I have so many feelings revealed to you.
I trusted and even revealed my profession. If someone learns about communicating with you - a military Tribunal immediately for me. I believe you!
I want to ask you, what do you think of my thoughts? I am ready to do a lot for our happiness.
How do you see the development and evolution of our relations? How long are you willing to go all the way with me, holding my hand?
I understand that we communicate for a short time, but I need to see the prospect of relations and our communication!
It's a big step, but it will help us. We need to be able to learn more about each other!
We need to understand how we feel about each other! But the virtual is not clear. For me it's enough, can't feel everything.
even criminals require eye contact. Eye-to-eye. Then I can understand everything. I'll be able to reveal your dirty fantasies. =)
I want to destroy all my doubts about reality. But when I sit across from you and take your hand, the doubts will disappear!
But if you dare to kiss me - then I certainly understand your feelings for me.
Most importantly don't be afraid my glands in my mouth, I hope I won't scratch you... =(((
We could spend an unforgettable time with you! I'd be happy to meet you, even for a few minutes.
For me it would be the most beautiful and unforgettable moments.
I really hope that you understand all my desires and experiences!
I hope that my feelings and desires are not indifferent to you! I want you and me to be okay!
I think it will be the most wonderful day! Importantly, an unforgettable a kiss! The very first and the sweetest!
I want to see your smile, your beautiful eyes! In my mind constantly you, ****** !
I don't want any distance between us! You're the man I've always been looking for!
Perhaps our meeting would be a very important event in our lives.
Perhaps our meeting would be a new stage for us, towards a happy future.
****** , I know that the day will come when we will be together.
I can't stop fantasizing about you, ****** !
Thank you so much for having such beautiful feelings.
I love you and will wait for your answer!
Your iron mouth Lenna! =DDD

Hello my fabulous bandolero ******  ahhh!
What're you up to? How's your day going?
I've been thinking about you all day. I imagined you! I tried to feel the tactile that you wrote to me.
But this is not good! That to speak, at all it is impossible to present it. Only teasing me with words!
And when I saw your letter, my mood was even better.
Your letters bring me joy. I adore you ****** ! you for me miracle in this life! There are no such men! Can't believe it.
Until I can verify the reality of your words and your life - I'll probably think it's a dream. =)
I am very pleased that you are talking about our meeting.
This is a very serious step in our lives. And we have to decide exactly. Moreover, in order not to cause concern.
I understand that this will be very difficult to make a reality, but if we act together, we will be able to overcome everything together.
I know it's going to be expensive, but there are a lot of ways to do it. I think that together we can make our lives happy.
We have to stick together and we can do anything. You don't have to worry about that. We have to believe in each other and everything will be fine.
The main thing that would not destroy our happiness and no matter what can stop us. We will overcome. I understand what you're going through. But we will, our love is the strongest. Unless of course all your words are not empty space.
XXXXXXXX, why didn't you answer my question? Where should I arrive? In what city can we meet you?
Now is the time to discuss the details of the meeting. We need information for the flight, and you're not taking this seriously.
I hope that our meeting is important for you! I hope that you will wait for me and will be glad to our meeting!
But I'm not a telepath. By ignoring my questions, I understand that the future with police lady is not so important to you!
Excuse ****** , my profession obliges to be more judicious.
When I go to your place, I'll take a long-awaited vacation at work. I already talked to the boss at work. He said I could have a vacation.
My vacation will be 60 days. I could also take extra vacation days.
But he warned me that if I did not go, I would have to renew my contract with my work.
But for the next month from our work and our city 50 people are recruited in Venesuela. About this no one of course not knows, all of this is done quietly.
No foreign country should know these nuances, so I have revealed a great secret to you.
But you have to have an idea what happens if I don't take a vacation.
But how long do you want me to stay with you? How many days do you need for our first meeting?
******  I'd be ready to be with you forever! But I don't want to make it difficult or uncomfortable for you.
For me it is important and yours opinion! I want us both to be happy to meet! I want us to enjoy each other. No negative!
****** , now I'm living dreams and ideas of our meeting! I'm worried because I haven't traveled to other countries.
But I'm willing to fight my fear for you!
I think that our feelings are already strong and we should strengthen them with reality - our meeting!
I'm serious! I want to meet you! I want to hug you and give you a gentle kiss! Of course with a taste of iron. =DDDD
I hope you don't get confused and I don't scratch your tongue. (0_0)
I have colleagues who went abroad. I asked them about the trip to another country.
Now I know what to take with you to another country. I'll be fully prepared for the trip.
Tomorrow I will deal more closely with the paper for the trip.
Tomorrow morning I plan to go to the police passport office and order an international passport to cross the border with another country.
I look forward to tomorrow to begin preparations for our meeting as soon as possible.
My Prince, how do you imagine the meeting ? What are we gonna do when we meet you?
My love, I made you a little present. But it will remain a secret for now. =)
I want to see your smile, your magic eyes. I can't stop thinking about you. I don't want to be away from you.
You're the man I've always been looking for. I found you, and I would do anything for you.
Yesterday we went to smoke hookah and drank some wine. I had to talk to my colleague. I need to share the joy.
All the more you praised me with my iron in my mouth, I did not have complexes. Thank you for your support and confidence!
But I want to smoke a hookah with you, I want to drink wine with joy. A rare case, when drink from joy. Often drinking to forget a tough week and blood.
I believe that soon we will be together. And we will give each other our love. I need you.
******  I'll be waiting for your letter. Hugs and kisses !
Your drunk Lenna

Hello my sweet ****** .
What's up? How's the weather in your town?
I don't know who gave you such high prices. I went today and found out.
Today I had the most intense day.
In the morning I found time and went to a travel Agency. But at work, didn't suspect anything, I went to my commander and directly said,
that I need to get out of town! I can't keep disappearing from sight. I don't want it to get out and I'm in trouble.
I don't need any problems right now before my vacation. of course the commander had a lot of questions. Why? and why?
since - you always need to have a good reason for this. I hesitated a lot finding the answer to his question and said,
that I need to buy office supplies for the printer. We can't even print the report. everything seemed to go well and he gave me permission.
My sweet ****** , when I arrived at the travel Agency, first of all I agreed with the agent the date of the flight.
Chose the most the optimal option by air, in my opinion. 
And so, I will fly to you on July 16.
I hope you can pick me up at the airport on that day. The exact time and details of the flight I will inform you later when I get the ticket. Ok?
****** , my dear, you should know that today I signed a contract with a travel Agency!
since for me already make travel documents: passport, tourist visa, medical insurance, round trip tickets.
I didn't understand about the tickets at first. After all, it will be cheaper to buy in your direction, and then save money and buy back - when I already plan a return flight.
But it turns out there are rules: if you do not show the ticket in the opposite direction - will not be released from the country.
This is a guarantee for any state that its citizens will be able to return home without problems.
I was certainly surprised by these nuances, but if these are the rules and the law - I understand.
After all, I myself am a representative of the law. Now it turns out that within 2 weeks, or not much more,
I'll have all the necessary documents for the flight to you.
Sweet ****** , I am very happy that today we have become even 1 day closer to each other. I hope you're happy, too.
Kotik, you should know that for the process of documents to continue, I had to pay at least 25% of the total amount.
they can't start the paperwork without any money. I hope you understand that. Even gasoline can't be bought without money. So today I paid more than 25%.
I paid 20,000 rubles. It was all my savings for my vacation.
But I still have to pay 70,500 rubles. Under the terms of the contract, I have to pay this amount within 11 days.
For this amount I wrote a receipt that I undertake to pay 70500 rubles by June 7.
I will write you in detail what is included in this price.
1) air tickets to both sides about 49000-50000 rubles.
2) visa 55 euro
3) passport (passport to visit a foreign country) 5000 rubles.
4) biometric passport 6000 rubles.
5) the cost of health insurance is 135 euro. (it turns out compulsory condition. if something happens to me in your country, insurance for 30 000 euro!)
6) visa fee 35 euro (you still have to pay 21 euro for the service fee.) total 56 euro.
7) fuel surcharge - this is before boarding the plane.
8) the service of travel agencies 7000 virtually any.
9) some more papers, references, photos and other nuances!
Ohhh my bandolero, the mood now do not have. I didn't think it would be so expensive! I was very indignant, said look at me.
I police - and where have small title so much money? But me explained, that rules and conditions for all are equal!
besides, this is the first time I plan to go abroad.
Now I have to think where to find such a sum in 10 days. I'm gonna think... I don't want to lose you to this problem.
After all, we have agreed on many issues, I want to be an anchor in your life. I want to test my feelings for reality. I want to start a new life.
I believe that there are no obstacles for our meeting and we will find a solution. Do you agree?
Now I'm going to relax a little after a busy day. It would be nice if you were here with me right now, kissing my lips.
These are the lips I'm sending you. We were celebrating my vacation.
Of all the girls about you, I only told Olga and her sister Angelina. I should have told you.
I can't keep quiet when I'm overwhelmed with emotion. I can't think I can be a woman with you.
I really want to try it - but still have experiences.
But I'm willing to risk it. Ready to play spy. The main thing is that it was not in vain and I felt that you need.
I need to feel that you are stronger than me and that you will fight for us. It's important.
Along with the letter I send another contract with a travel Agency.
I embrace you tenderly. Don't break my heart - you promised me. YOU are the master of your words. I trust my life with you.
Your Lenna.

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