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on: May 24, 2019, 08:25:15 AM
Name: Natalya
Age: 34
City: Kazan, Russia

Hello ******! Glad to see your answer so early and agreeable to me.
that you don't bother to become friends because I am
new with net dating and it is good experience I think ;)

Okay, I guess I want to tell you a little bit more about myself - like
you know my name is Natalya, 34 years old, I'm usually
Russian girl, live in Kazan City, maybe you have
heard about this town. I have a degree linguist and on time
currently, I work in a company specialized in translation
different documents. I love my job because, like,
learn different languages (now I practice Chinese and it
is really difficult for learning :) But recently I decided
to begin to learn English, it is very beautiful language and So, I can
improve my English by our communication, you hope to help me
but do not judge me strong if I make mistakes :) it would be
great if you can write about English

Enclose some new photos, hope you like them;) Ok, I
finish for now, wait for you to respond with a
some news of your, your life, your tastes and tastes and well
on Want to get some new photos of you too!

Natalya ;)

Hi ******, how are you? Hope you are fine there and
happy to see a letter from you, really pleasant to see that you are
interested in our friendship too ;) Decided make a pause in my work
and write you few lines, hope I don't bother you by my letters :)
Please forgive me if I can't write you every day and may be sometimes
it will take some time for me to answer you but the reason is that end
if this year is really busy time for me... but 2019 is a good year for
me - my dream happened this year and I bought my own apartment few
months ago! It's not big apartment in Kazan but now it's my OWN
apartment and that's most important for me! ;) It is new flat in new
house and at present time I do a renovation there, so there are no TV
and internet yet and I usually write you from my work office.
And so now I must work hard because renovation takes a lot of money but
the main reason is that according my contract I must finish to
translate one technical book from Chinese to English till the 1st of
July, so now I need to work even on weekend time... But I'm ok
with it because if I will finish my translation in time then I will
get a good money and I decided that if everything will be fine then I
want to in your country! I even started learning Your language ;)
I believe that it will happen this year and I will do my best for it! ;)
Finishing for now, need to finish my work and going to gym tonight -
always try to keep myself sporty! ;) Wish you a nice day and waiting
for your answer soon!


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