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on: May 14, 2019, 08:01:46 AM
Name: Tatyana
Age: 37
City: Novouralsk, Russia
Emails: <>, <>, <>, <>

I am pleased that you wrote to me. Your email was given to me at a marriage agency. I saw you, and my female intuition immediately told me to write to you, because you are a good man. I'm right? Why did I choose you !!! You seemed to me a serious and simple man, I’m only looking for a serious relationship, and you suit me!
 My name is Tatyana, I am 37 years old. My height is 165 centimeters and weight is 55 kilograms. I live in a small town Novouralsk. It is a closed military city. here is the plant, which is the developer of uranium. My birthday is August 21, 1981. At university I learned English. I've never been married. I have no children. I live alone in a one-room apartment. I work as a stylist. I like my work and like to make people more beautiful. And what do you do? what do you work?
 I am only interested in a serious relationship. I'm not interested in adventure. I want to find a relationship that will be based on understanding, trust, respect, and loyalty. I was disappointed in men from Russia. Because they do not think about the family, only entertainment, sex, alcohol and much more. This is not for me. Maybe that's why I decided to try to find relationships on the Internet. I know English very well. I hope you know English too and we can communicate with you. if anything you can use google translate. What kind of relationship do you need? What is important to you in a girl? I consider myself a sociable woman. I like to spend time with my friends and family.
 in my letter I will send you my last photos. I want to see your photos along with your next letter. You can ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer them. This is my first online dating experience. I think we can get to know each other well and can become friends. I will wait for your reply. Tatyana

Hello ******.
I was waiting for your answer, and I am pleased to see your letter.
how are you? how's your day?
I'm sorry you didn't send me your photos for me. I think the photos will help us know each other better. I hope you can send me some of your photos in the next letter.
I just came home from work and decided to check my mail. It was nice for me to see your letter for me. I will continue to talk about myself. I think you will be interested to know me better. I work as a stylist. I like my job. I like to make people more beautiful and give them beauty. ****** Do you like your work? Have you been working there for a long time? I will send you some photos from my work. I also want to ask you about your hobbies. Do you have any hobbies? what kind of music do you prefer to listen to? what films do you like to watch? I also like to play sports. I am swimming in the pool . I'll send you some photos from my workout.
In my letter today, I want to write more about you to my family and loved ones. I live alone in a one-room apartment. My mother's name is Olya and she is 60 years old. I'll send you a photo with my mom. She is retired and she lives separately from me. My mother lives in another village and is located a few kilometers from my town. sometimes i go to her. she has beautiful nature there. My dad left my mom when I was little. I love my mom . I spend my free time with my mom. I find it interesting and fun to communicate with them. How's your family ******? do you love them you often see them.
Now I will finish my letter. I do not want you to read it.
I will wait for your letter and your answers to the questions.

Hello ****** .
Thank you for your photo. You look very good and I liked your photo.
what is up today? how is your work?
I am pleased to see your new letter for me. I am interested in getting to know you.
Today I will write more about myself. I think you will be interested.
I'm good. The weather makes me happy today. it is winter outside, but today the sun shines brightly and warms me with its warmth. I like sunny weather. What kind of weather do you like ******?
I like good music. I listen to different music: rock, foreign, pop music and a lot of different. I have no particular preferences in music. It mainly depends on the mood. I like to watch movies. I prefer to watch such movie genres as: fantasy, comedy and action movies. Sometimes I watch TV shows on TV. what do you prefer ******? do you like listening to music?
Today I had a hard day at work. there were so many customers, but everything went fine. I coped with this work. I have a little hobby. I like helping animals. there is a shelter with animals. I help with what I can. I'll show you some photos with animals. I do this in my free time. After your work, you can enjoy your favorite hobby. nice to spend time on the business that brings you pleasure and nice to help animals. how do you spend your free time ?? how do you relax? in my free time I also like to cook food for myself and my loved ones. My friends and relatives say that I am doing very well. I also like to swim in the pool. I regularly go to the pool. In winter I like skiing and ice skating. I like to spend my free time with my friends. i have fun with them. ****** do you like spending time with friends? I would be interested to know about it.
I guess I'll be finishing my letter today. Tomorrow I will be waiting for your next letter for me. Write me about your day.
I wish you a good evening.
your friend Tatyana

Hello ******.
I'm glad to see your new letter for me. I am interested to read your letters. I want to ask you to write me more about you. I wonder how you spend your free time. What do you like to do. Write me about it.
how are you today? are you all right?
I'm fine now. I worked in the morning and in the afternoon. there were several clients at the hairdresser. I will send you one photo from work. This afternoon my good friend came to me. (her name is Olya. we have been friends since childhood). She is very good and I like to communicate with her. she invited me to go to the theater. She loves theater. I sometimes support her in this. we had a very good time. I'll send you some photos from the theater.
****** remember, I wrote to you about my past relationships? when we left the theater, I saw my ex. He was with some girlfriend. I looked at him and understood. I have nothing to it. I had no feelings. He has become a complete stranger to me. I do not regret it. He did not love me, did not appreciate our relationship with him. For him, only entertainment is important, sex, and his vanity. He cheated on me with others, and once even raised his hand to me. I am glad that I ended my relationship with him. Now my heart is open to new relationships. I only need a serious relationship. I'm not interested in adventure. For example, my friends have been together for a very long time. They love each other. They consider such qualities to be the main guarantee of family happiness: love, patience, respect and trust. In any relationship there are difficult moments. There can be disagreements, disputes and misunderstandings. This is life, in such moments you need to try to understand each other. My friends are happy together. I'm happy for them. I don't need a prince on a white horse. I want to find a man who would be gentle and caring to me. I want to find a man with whom I could connect my future life.
I will look forward to your letter.
Have a nice day and a happy mood.
Your Tatyana

Hello ****** . How are you ?
I am very glad to see your new letter for me. I am interested in chatting with you and getting to know you better. I woke up today in a good mood. I'll show you what I eat for breakfast. and how to pass your morning ?? how are you today? Did you have a good day?
****** I am pleased to read your letters. You are interesting to me and I like to get to know you better.
I'm at work now and I am writing you a letter. we have a computer in the cabin. I do not have a computer at home and therefore I am writing you a letter from my work. Today, one of my friends had a birthday and we met together in a cafe. it was a lot of fun. we fooled around and talked. I am very pleased that there are people with whom you can be yourself. I'll send you a photo of how we spent the day today. next to me in the photo is a friend. My girlfriend's name is Liliya. we have known her since childhood. We studied at the same school, university and now we communicate well. important when there are such people. do you have a best friend Tell about him . I told my friend about you. that we correspond with you. she was glad for us. A friend asked if we communicate via Skype or not. and after that I had the idea to offer to chat with you on Skype, but trouble happened. I myself do not understand all these computer programs. I asked a friend to install Skype on my work computer. We quietly installed Skype on the computer and suddenly our boss came in !! He saw us installing Skype. he screamed at us !!!! I was very scared. we have a very strict boss (((He said that we should remove this program and reprimand us. We cannot use the computer for personal purposes. I am very afraid to install Skype on a computer now. I am very sorry that we will not be able to communicate via Skype ( (
 today after work, I walked around the city and then returned home. I will send you a photo that I took at home. do you like my photos ?? I also want to ask you to send me some more of your photos. I will be pleased to see your photos.
 I will be waiting for your answer. your tatyana

Hello my friend ******.
I was waiting for your letter.
I really like to read your letters for me. You know ******. you become very interesting to me. Every day I want to know you better.
Today I did not have a job. I rest today.
I had a good day. I was doing housework. then I cooked a delicious lunch. Today my friend came to visit me. we read a magazine with her. Then we sat in the kitchen, drank tea and talked. we had a lot of fun and rejoiced. I told her about you. I told her that I am very interested to communicate with you and we have a correspondence. She was happy for me. She said she was glad of my relationship. She knows about my past relationships and how badly they ended. We talked a lot, and then my friend went home. This is my very good friend. We communicate with her since childhood. I remember how we went to school together. By the way, it was at school that I began to learn English. Later, I continued to study him at the university when I was studying there. It helps me to communicate with you, and we can communicate freely.
****** it is easy and interesting for me to communicate with you. Hope you like our communication too. I consider you a serious person with serious intentions. I am interested with you and I consider you a good person.
Today it was very cold outside and I had memories of warm weather. I like summer . what time of the year do you like ?? I like when the sun shines. I like nature in the summer. I send you the photos I took in the summer. You can also see how beautiful the nature is in Russia. I hope you like my photos.
****** I want to wish you a good evening today. I look forward to your next letter.
your friend Tatyana

Hello my friend ******
the first thing I want to ask you to write please your phone number. I want to call you and hear your voice. I want to know you better.
Today I am very glad to see your new letter for me. how are you? how is the weather? I hope you all are well. I like to find out about you. You become more and more interesting for me. ****** Do you like chatting with me? With each new letter from you, I feel that we are getting closer. It is very easy for me to communicate with you. I can tell you all about myself. You can understand me better than anyone. This is a very pleasant feeling.
I like to think about you. I imagine how you spend your day, what you do in your free time. With each of your new letters for me, I know you better and better. You are interesting to me. I try to write you in more detail about me. I want you to get to know me better.
I met with my girlfriends today. we had fun at the cafe. I talked to my friends about you. I told them about our correspondence with you. I told them that I like talking to you. My friends said they were happy for me. I was told that recently changed. I began to shine a good mood and even became even more beautiful. But some friends are worried about me. I have to be careful. There are a lot of bad people in the world. I was reminded of my past relationships. I told them that you are very good. A serious relationship is important to you. I told them that I was completely confident in you.
****** I want to ask you one question. I hope for your honest and sincere answer for me. It is very important for me. Do you have a relationship now? do you have other girls it's important for me to know the answer. I only have a relationship with you. I do not need other relationships now. I hope for you, our relationship with you is just as serious for you.
Now I will finish my letter. probably you are already tired of reading it. I send you a photo that I took at my work. Hope you like my photos.
your tatyana
do not forget to write me your phone number. you are welcome .

Hello my friend ******.
I'm glad to see your new letter for me. I like to read your letters.
how are you? what is your mood?
Thank you for your phone number. I'll call you today. I would be pleased to talk to you on the phone. This will be a good step in our relationship.
Today I had a good and productive day at work. I have a good mood . Today I had a lot of work. I'm tired, but I found the time to write a letter.
Today I want to talk about you. I wonder how are you? What did you do today? what is your mood? I probably have too many questions for you. I hope it will not be difficult for you to answer me. I like chatting with you. I find you an interesting man. I like to chat with you. It is very easy for me to communicate with you. It seems to me that I can tell you everything about myself. I feel like you are becoming a close person to me. And sometimes it seems to me that I have known you for a very long time, and I like it a lot.
****** I want to ask you a serious question. This is important to me and I want to know your answer. I want you to answer me honestly to him. Who am I to you? Why are you chatting with me? ****** what do you think. You and I can have a serious relationship. I have a very warm feeling for you. I can't articulate this feeling right now. It is very important for me to know your answer. Do not rush to answer. Think carefully. After that, write to me.
I will be waiting for your answer. You are very important to me.
I will be looking forward to your reply.
Your Tatyana

Good day my friend ******.
Ich rief dich gestern an, aber du hast auf meine telefonische Klingel nicht geantwortet. Warum??? Ich werde zu dir heute noch anrufen und ich hoffe, dass du auf meine telefonische Klingel antworten wirst und wir werden mit dir telefonisch reden. Mir wird es angenehm sein, deine Stimme zu horen.
how are you? how was your day today? Do you have new photos for me?
I had a little work today. I was released from work a little earlier. I send you some photos that I took after work. we still have a real winter and there is a lot of snow. but the weather outside is wonderful and the sun is shining. I decided not to go home right away, but to take a little walk with my mom. I walked around the city, enjoying the weather. Then I went home. I was at home and thought about you. I really like you. I want to know you even better. I think it would be good if we could meet with you once. We could go to some cafe or cinema. You can just walk together and talk. I am interested with you and I want to continue our relationship.
What do you think ******? would you like to meet me and spend time together. Did you think about that? I think that the meeting will be a great continuation in our relationship with you. I will be pleased to see you. Where would you like to go with me? could we just take a walk together? write me your thoughts about it.
****** I want a serious relationship. I hope you understand me. You and I are no longer children, and we need to think about the future. I like you very much and I want to build a serious relationship with you. But before you answer me. Think well. Do you need a serious relationship? Do you want to try to build a serious relationship with me? This is important to me and I will wait for your answer.
****** You are very good. With each new day, I want to recognize you more and more. I also want you to know me better. I feel that you understand me like no other. I feel very easy with you. I have never experienced this before. You are a special person for me.
Then I left this cafe home. I wanted to come home faster and write you a letter. I was pleased to see your letter for me.
****** you are a special person to me. I have a very warm feeling for you. I hope this is mutual.
Now I will finish my letter. I will be very much waiting for your letter. I hope you do not make me wait.
good evening.
your tatyana

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