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on: May 08, 2019, 06:43:19 AM
Name: Yuliya
Age: 34
City: Volgograd, Russia
Emails: <>, <>

Hello my new friend !
I am very pleased to see your letter! Seeing your letter I was in a good mood!
I am very glad that we began our acquaintance! I will be glad to continue our dialogue with you!
Now I will tell you a little about myself !!!
My name is Yuliya! I'm 34 years old! My birthday is July 3, 1984!
I live in Russia. I live in a small provincial town. My city is called
Volgograd. What city do you live in? Is your city big?
I've never been married! I have no children.
My height is 167 sm, my weight is 49 kg.
I love to play sports and I love to run in the morning.
I really like to keep myself in shape! Sport helps me feel great!
Can you tell me a little about yourself? Have you been married? Do you have children?
I want to know as much as possible about you ... I do not want to spend my time on a man who writes for fun.
For acquaintance, I am serious. Men tried to get acquainted with me, who were interested only in my photos, they saw in me not a woman, but only a sexual object. I don't need this!
I am looking for only serious relationship ! I hope you understand me!
I hope that we will learn about each other as much as possible! And it will be mutual!
I really want to continue to communicate with you! I hope this desire is mutual?
Please tell me more about yourself! I will be pleased to read your interesting letters!
I will wait for your reply to my letter! Of course I will be very pleased to see your new photos!
Please send me your new photos!
I look forward to your letter! :-)
your new friend Yuliya.

Hello ******!
I want to express my gratitude to you for your answer. You know, I was very afraid that you would stop writing to me when you find out that I live in Russia. So I really was glad to hear from you. Now we can begin to learn something new about each other, ask questions to each other. I really want to get to know you closer if you let me.

******, I am really very interested in you, I hope that this is mutual. This is only the second letter, I have to tell you a lot.
My city is very calm, very kind people live here. I grew up here. This is my homeland, so I love this place. My childhood has passed here and I live here until now, but I am ready to radically change my life for the sake of love. I am a romantic girl, so I still believe in romantic tales. Perhaps it is stupid, but I can not change ...

My job. I work as a waitress in a cafe. My work fully satisfies me now. I love my job. Sometimes our team of waiters, works on the ship. I meet a lot of tourists. We arrange them themed parties. I used to see the positives in everything. This is one of the main features of my character. I am a very optimistic person. I have to communicate a lot with people, and I like it. You know, I graduated from the University, Institute of Management and Business, Department / Direction: Social Technologies - a specialist, now you see that I have a fairly high level of education.

******, can you tell me about your work? What are you doing? Do you love your job?

Unfortunately, I also have loneliness in terms of my family. I'm not married. I didn’t want to be married before, but now I think that age has come when I begin to understand that if you live alone any longer, then this is bad. Maybe I do not have a decent man with whom I could spend my whole life. I hope my life will not be lonely. I find a decent man. My last novel is 3 years ago. My novel lasted half a year. My man change me with another woman. I experienced severe pain. I am left alone. I do not want to talk about it now. I hope you understand me correctly. When I'm ready, I can tell you all the details if you are interested.
I think I should tell you about my family. My family is small, consists of mom and me. My father died 17 years ago, but I still miss him. My mother lives alone in the countryside near my town. I live in a city in an apartment that I rent. I live alone, without neighbors. I have no children. I am a very kind and gentle woman, I do not know how to scream. I do not like lies. I never play with human feelings, it is very mean. My most important quality is forgiveness. I think this is very important in life. I'm not a model, I'm not a beauty, I'm not a girl from the TV. I am not beautiful, but I have a very good heart. I hope you can see the depth of my soul in my letters.
I send you my new photos.
I wish you a good day!
Your friend, Yuliya.

Hello ******!
I am pleased that you did not forget to answer me. I find it interesting to communicate with you, and I find this communication very interesting. I understand well that letters cannot replace live communication, but this is a good option for us now, because we live in different countries. You know, for me it is very unusual to communicate with a person from another country. I hope you also want to strengthen our friendship, because this will be the basis of any relationship.
Why does your wife and daughter go back to Russia?
In my last letter, I told you about my family. I hope you read my past letter completely. Yesterday I wanted to visit my mother, but I was late for the last bus. My mother is always happy when I visit her. You know, I plan to tell her about getting to know you when I visit her next time. I have no secrets from her. I think she will be interested to know that I met a person from another country. I hope you will not mind. :-)

My hobby is reading. I like to read books. I spend much more time reading books than watching TV when I'm at home. I prefer to read Russian and world classical literature, historical literature, works of modern authors. I will not list all the books that I read, I do not think it is necessary. I can only say that I have read many books in my life, thanks to which my inner world became much brighter and richer. My friends say I'm a very smart girl. I love nature and I love spending time in nature! :-) I also love animals. When I see a small animal, I can not pass by.
I also like to play sports. I am seriously interested in swimming. Not so long ago, I worked as a children's swimming coach. :-)

Please tell me about your hobby. What do you like to do in your free time? I think it will be interesting for me.
You know, I always dreamed of having a happy family based on love, trust and mutual understanding.
If you do not have the opportunity to send photos in each letter, then do it whenever possible. I will always be glad to receive your new photo.
I am finishing the letter, but I look forward to your reply.
Have a good day!

So my plan for the future. Meet the person I love and who will love me. To start a family.
It seems so easy? In fact, very difficult.
My past relationship ended 3 years ago.
My friends and parents will be only happy if I meet a man whom I can love.
I can tell you something. I promise that we will be able to talk on the phone in the near future.
I understand that without trust nothing good will come out.

Hello ******!
You know, I rushed to work today to read your letter. I can not explain it, but I really wanted to read your answer. I have always been interested in making new acquaintances. And this is my first experience with a person from another country, so this is very exciting for me. I am glad that we met on the Internet.
I believe in God, but I am not too religious. Belief in God helps me not to sink to the bottom of the pit in which today's young people are mired. This is kind of like a deterrent. Therefore, I am looking for a decent man who has seen life and knows what he wants.
As a rule, girls with the name "Yuliya" at Baptism are given the same name, but in the church interpretation - "Iulia"
translated from Greek as "fluffy" or "wavy" :-)
My dear, today I would like to tell you about my past life. I have already told you so much about my current life that I completely forgot to tell you about my past life. I will begin the story from my childhood. You know, when I was little, I spent every summer in the village of my grandmother. She lived in the village where my mother now lives. My grandmother loved me very much, but unfortunately she died a long time ago. But I still remember with a smile on my face those times when I spent time in the village. I went to primary school when I was 7 years old. I do not want to brag, but I was one of the best students in school. You know, learning was my priority. I wanted my mother to be proud of me. My success in school helped me to go to university. I studied at the university for free, because free education still exists in our country. When I graduated from university, I received a red diploma. The red diploma is the highest achievement in any Russian university. But my diploma was not useful to me until now. Why? Unfortunately, getting a diploma in Russia does not guarantee getting a good job. I did not build a good career, but I never wanted to do that. I am not a business woman. It seems to me that my vocation is a family. But creating my own family is the only goal that I have not accomplished. what can you say about yourself? Are you an optimist? How was your childhood? What education did you get? I hope I haven't asked too many questions. But it really matters to me.

My heart is open for love, for sincere feelings. I think you understand me. we met recently, but I have a good feeling. You are a very good person, and I want our dialogue to continue. Our correspondence makes my life much brighter and more interesting. I have to say thank you!
I send you my new photos.
I wish you a good day!

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