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Harris Sarah <>
« on: February 11, 2019, 07:46:15 AM »
Name: Harris Sarah
City: Chicago, USA

I'm so glad to see your text either and I hope things work well between us, I really can't say much here until we meet in person and see the good heart you have... We can talk much better here and see where this can lead to dear

Where do you live and what's your job?  Will be looking forward for your text...  Good morning dear

I read all through and very sorry about your Dad well,  I lost mine too in a car accident and it has been mom since all this while.
I was born son raised in Amsterdam, Holland with my dad before I lost him so no one to help out and I don't have a choice than to come to the state and live with my mom who divorced my dad when I'm still 10 and she came to the state to got married again.  I'm a single mom of 4 years old and lost my husband to sickness too but it has been only me taking care of my son alone
I need a man who will support me financially, spiritually and physically so I'm not in rush until I see that mine who is ready to be there for me and my son
I live in Chicago and I'm a hairstylist