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Very definite signs of African scammers behind ANY profile


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In typical mugu predictability.. the English Premiership football loving mugu tend to pick UK locations of the football teams who are doing well! I'm used to seeing endless Manchester, Liverpool and Chelsea locations, but I've noticed a huge surge in top-of-the-table "Leicester" recently! Mugus! :) Don't you just love them?   8)

I have yet to meet an "American" Mugu who are fans of true American sports!
No Dallas Cowboys or Boston RedSox fans here.... but many who support Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc.... ie British and European Football (Soccer) that is very popular in Muguland!!!!

- "like" only and exclusively contemporary black music: RnB, hip hop,...
- "like" only and exclusively black movie artist, Nollywood actors, blogs, FB groups, sites
- "like" PlaystationS4, XBox One,...
- "standard prongal" pics which are "oversize": > 200 lb. and > 2 metres, or extremely "undersized" => 99%: Ghana
- only and exclusively international middle-aged women as friends/contacts/in circles
- the social sites┬┤default locations that are half-unaltered: Texas City, Ghana, or newyorkcity, Malaysia.
- use of "mix-names" (often known footballers): Lara Boateng, engineer_kevinboateng12345,...
- locations are standard "free proxy cities": Manassas, VA; Mountain View, CA; Providence, UT;...